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  1. marquise

    Help please - is this pro pan fake?

    I swapped for a pro pan eyeshadow in Yogurt on MUA. I received it today and the pan and magnet are the same as my other eyeshadows but the label is different from my other eyeshadows and I'm suspicious. It didn't come in the sleeve so I don't have that to compare either. It's the middle one...
  2. marquise

    MAC 224 v. 217

    I have a MAC 217 which I love and use everyday. I want to get another one of them but am also considering the 224 which is for blending also. For those of you that have both, which do you prefer, what do you use them for and would you think it would be better to have two 217s or one 217 and...
  3. marquise

    My MAC haul!

    Got myself lots of MAC this week! MAC eyeshadow palette MAC brush cleanser MAC blush palette MAC Springsheen MAC Peachykeen MAC Sculpting powder in Sculpt MAC shaping powder in Emphasize MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt MAC lip pencil in Mouth Off MAC MSFN in Light/Medium MAC paintpot in...