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  1. Amber*Christine

    Opinions about sexuality please

    (I wasn't sure what to title this but now that you're reading this...) Okay, really weird question, but I'd really like some opinions. So like I know this guy and he confessed to me that he once thought he was gay and that he's hooked up with the same sex before and even given a blowjob. But he...
  2. Amber*Christine

    Drugstore Hair Masques

    I'm trying to decide which to purchase out of these ones I know of: Neutrogena: Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Masque Garnier Fructis: Color Shield Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3min Masque Aussie: 3min Masque Pantene: 5min Strengthing Rinse Off Masque/ or Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal...
  3. Amber*Christine

    Root Awakening Collection by John Frieda

    So is this Root Awakening Collection worth purchasing? Is it like the John Frieda Volume Collection, as in, does it volumize your hair? Or is it just for strengthening?
  4. Amber*Christine

    Best Volume Collection: John Frieda vs. Pantene

    I guess my question is in the title really, who has the better volume collection, John Frieda or Pantene? I'm looking to find a good collection to volumize my hair that I could get at a drugstore. I really don't wanna have to drive out of town just for hair products. Are there any others I don't...
  5. Amber*Christine

    Fave MAC pencil eyeliner? (Purchasing advice please)

    I'd like to purchase an eyeliner from MAC and I'd like any suggestions on which to get. I'm just looking for a basic liner, not one to smudge up for a smokey look. Technakohl liner "graph black" Eye Kohl "smolder" Eye Pencil "soft black" Powerpoint eye pencil "engraved" oh and has anyone tried...
  6. Amber*Christine

    Q for tanorexics...

    I'm new to tanning, (at a salon), and I was wondering if someone could tell me the differences between a tingle cream, an accelerator and a bronzer. I'd like to use them properly so I'm not wasting time and just sucking up UV rays and accumulating skin damage w/o getting the max color I could be...
  7. Amber*Christine

    Sexi Tropical Scents?

    Can anyone suggest something really sexy and tropical smelling? Has anybody tried the Michael Kors Island perfumes? I'm looking for something seductive for man hunting this summer Much thanx to whoever replies!
  8. Amber*Christine

    My Ex's new g/f is a Psycho Bitch!!!

    So you all probably know about my situation w/ my ex, as I posted about it before in "My Boyfriend of 4 years left me for another woman". Well despite my shitty ass situation I've been a complete lady about it, were most chicks would rightly bust the windows in his car and then take that same...
  9. Amber*Christine

    Boyfriend of 4 yrs. left me for another woman

    So me and my boyfriend were together for four years and I really loved him and made the huge mistake of making him my whole life. Well I found out a few weeks ago that he's been having an affair behind my back for 8 monthes now and I'm a complete mess. I feel stupid because I had these little...