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  1. CaraAmericana

    MAC Prolongwear Help

    OOPS! NARS natural radiant longwear 😀 PLW description: ‘A comfortable, long-wearing foundation that gives medium coverage with a natural finish and up to 15 hours of wear. Lightweight and creamy, it applies and blends easily leaving the skin feeling soft and free to breathe all day. Specially...
  2. CaraAmericana

    MAC Prolongwear Help

    Hi, I haven’t been on here for years ! But I had to come back! I need help the last decade I have been using MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC 15, but it’s discontinued. I have tried so many others but I still can’t find a dup replacement I’m really destroyed by this discontinuation, it...
  3. CaraAmericana

    MAC Foundation Pump

    Hey Ladies, I need some tips regarding cleaning the mac foundation pump. It's been thru a couple of SFF bottles already and I just want to give it a good cleaning before putting into this 3rd one here. I soaked it in hot water, hot water with makeup remover, I tried getting a small eyebrow...
  4. CaraAmericana

    Spiral Curls w/ Marcel Iron

    OK, so it is my second week at Regency Beauty Institute and we are in Thermal Styling. Today we learned how to use a Marcel curling iron, both electric and stove types. And I have to say wooo man I am a natural. I did this tonight 1st layer 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Crown...
  5. CaraAmericana

    US soldiers torture a little dog

    I can't even begin to wrap my head around this one..... The article PUPPY VIDEO SPARKS INVESTIGATION - New York Post The Video YouTube - US soldiers torture a little dog in Iraq
  6. CaraAmericana

    I like boys!!! girls!!!

    Hi Specktrettes, I though it would fun and interesting to discuss what physical features or characteristics attract you from a woman or man. Be specific if you can. And I am not talking anything personality wise because who all want a nice attentive thoughtful mate, I am talking appearence only...
  7. CaraAmericana

    Oscars-In Rememberence

    I just got done watching the segment where the Oscars do a collective montage of those who passed away for the year. Brad Renfro was not shown. There may have been others but this is one that I noticed was missing. You think it was intentional or just overlooked?
  8. CaraAmericana


    Why do people not like discussing politics with others? Why is so taboo? I have more thoughts on this....but I will save it to see how far this question gets me.....
  9. CaraAmericana


    So unfortunely MUA doesn't have any reviews on mouthwash that I could find. And I am thinking of buying my own. Me and my son share to save on cost. So we are using the Listerine Cool Agent but I kinda want to feel like a grownup again lol..... Se tell me Ladies... Which mouthwash is your...
  10. CaraAmericana

    Bathroom Etiquette

    I posted this in deep thoughts because some maybe not find this a tasteful topic..... I can't do #2 in public, not if I can help it. I am mean because I don't want anyone else too either. But no one listens to me If I have no way out if it then I do what is the Courtesy Flush and learned...
  11. CaraAmericana

    Originals Cheating???

    deleted Changed my stance and understanding on this. Thanks to Sparkling Waves! I think I need anger mgmt =)
  12. CaraAmericana

    Dubbonet Mami

    Taken without flash for truest color on lipstick LIPS Dubonnet Lipstick (badass red for NC25ers) Red NYC lipliner Cherry Pop Juice Gem from Mark EYES Ricepaper Grain lid Espresso crease/brows Dipdown fluidliner
  13. CaraAmericana

    Blogger Help

    I am pretty knowledge about html and most css but what the heck am I missing? I would like to have the two basic columns on blogger to be move over more to the left side of the page. Help Someone! thx!
  14. CaraAmericana

    Lighted Makeup Mirror

    Question to those who use one of the pedestool circular mirrors with the circle of light frame. What do you use, do you like it, don't like about it, does it really help? I am thinking of getting this one. Macy*s - For the Home - Conair Chrome Double-Sided Lighted Make-up Mirror Thanks!
  15. CaraAmericana

    Eyeshadow Group Swatches

    From Left: Moss Scape(paint pot), Greensmoke, Sumptuous Olive, Humid, Swimming, Golden Olive, Juxt, Aquavert(Aquadisiac). From top: MoonFlower(Strange Hybrid), Deep Truth, Tilt, Zonk Bleu, Parrot(Originals), Steamy From left: Espresso, Tempting, Bronze, Soba, Goldmine, Ricepaper, Blanc...
  16. CaraAmericana

    Merry Xmas Specktra-too fun!

    click here
  17. CaraAmericana

    So I dub thee Unforgiven

    ...I was listening to Metallica when I did this look. Totally not the place for this but I need to rant first. This Thursday Rob Zombie & Ozzy is coming to the Bradley Center and I R E A L L Y wanted to go but my friends suck. (which reminds me I need to start a thread in the deepthoughts...
  18. CaraAmericana

    Eye Glitter New Years Look by Stella

    It's after midnight so don't expect perfection! And damn I am hairy! Zonk Bleu Fertile Crystal Avalanche Pink Liner from Flirt Reflects Pearl which looks way awesome in person. Pics don't do justice! Somethings I would differently-wear falsies & take care of the hairy problem, and...
  19. CaraAmericana

    Not for the weak!! Caution. **STRONGLY ADVISE CAUTION** /admin

    Okay there is this huge YouTube craze going on for sometime now. There are users posting reactions to a very vulgar video that is posted on an external website. Even Joe Rogan filmed his reaction. Some of may have seen this already - BEFORE YOU...
  20. CaraAmericana

    I want to see... you Xmas tree

    My lil 4 footer. Brand new. I loved my White tree but it was getting yellow tinged and it had to go. Take pics of yours and share!!!!! Tis the season to share!!