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  1. JustDivine

    UK Girls: Important re price increase!!!

    Ok so I emailed the customer services of the site about why the online shadows are still listed as £10 while people are being charged £11 instore. "Why are the shadows still listed as £10 on the website, yet stores have already started charging the ridiculous increased price of £11...
  2. JustDivine

    Longer lasting lips!

    I don't know why this suddenly came to mind. Actually, I was thinking of those drugstore lipsticks that have the colour and gloss...apparently giving indefinite stay. LOL Anyway, I thought that a lip primer might be a good idea. Has anyone tried one....or can recommend a good brand? Are they...
  3. JustDivine

    187 & 182

    If you have both of these brushes how/what do you use them for? I bought the 182 because I needed a new powder brush and thought that one for buffing would be great but Im beginning to think it has no place or purpose! Obv I have it now so need to put it to good use! Any...
  4. JustDivine

    Transatlantic Haul

    A *few* bits I picked up in Feb....London and my trip to the USA! Sorry, no pics, everything is all over the place as I have been on my travels and am now in Belgium, awaiting the opening of the new MAC store here! Mineralised Skin Finish Natural Deep Dark Studio Fix NW50 Studio Finish...