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  1. ohhhhhthehorror

    Worst Hairstyles Ever

    (credit Check it out, some of them are pretty funny!
  2. ohhhhhthehorror

    Haha love this!

    Scariest Fashion Trends Ever 1. Acid-Wash and Ripped Jeans There's nothing like a pair of comfortable, worn-in jeans -- but this worn? In the '80s, your choices were jeans that looked like bleach had spilled on them, or jeans that looked like you tussled with a shredder. Nothing much looked...
  3. ohhhhhthehorror

    Fall Fashion Trends

    I'm at work and bored, so I was looking around on the internet and some website said these were the top ten looks for this Fall: VOLUME - Cocoon Volume - Balenciaga Sleeves - Big Collars - Baby Doll DRESSES - Short Dresses - Long Tunics - Waist Cinched Frocks LAYERING - Skinny Leggings -...
  4. ohhhhhthehorror

    Fat Smash Diet

    I JUST heard about this when I watched Celebrity Fit Club the other night. Dr Ian (on the show) wrote a whole book about this 4 phase diet. Most people lose 8-10 lbs within the first 9 days (the first phase is all detox and you can barely eat anything so it makes sense, but still). Has anyone...