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  1. XsMom21

    Question about content of bulletins on MySpace when concerning children.

    Well, today a woman that I've known for years posted a poem about child abuse on MySpace. I'm not going to post it, because I don't like it at all, and that is what this is about. Please read the dialog between myself and this woman and let me know what you think. I'm so confused. I think I did...
  2. XsMom21

    A blog I posted today.

    You know that saying "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade?" I hate that saying. Know why? Cause you can't make lemonade without the sugar. All you have is a bunch of lemons that eventually start to rot on your kitchen counter or in your fridge because life doesn't just hand out sugar on a...
  3. XsMom21

    It's a Beautiful Lie

    Such a perfect denial. Man, I'm in love with 30 Seconds to Mars right now. Anyways. My hair is pink again A wonderful, bright color to celebrate my graduation from Community College this week. It's about damn time. My make-up has been bright too lately. Figured I'd share one of my signature...
  4. XsMom21

    Beast and the Harlot

    I had so much fun with this look. I was kind of inspired by the make-up in Avenged Sevenfold's "Beast and the Harlot" hence the title, but I took it in a different direction. First time doing anything like this, so let me know Used: Covergirl foundation in Ivory Clinique Liner in black...
  5. XsMom21

    Feel Like I've Been Neglecting You All

    Hey gals and guys. I haven't been around much lately, except for the occasional comment or two. I feel bad about it, I really do. All of you were so supportive with the whole apartment thing and everything else, I feel like I've been neglecting you, so I figured I'd pop on and let everyone know...
  6. XsMom21

    Channelling my inner Irish

    This week was the first week of the "shift swap" between my husband and his B mechanic, so he's working nights, and I get to sleep in! Actually had a chance to do my hair and make-up today before delving into Blue's Clues and dirty diapers lol. Don't get me wrong, I want hubby back on day shift...
  7. XsMom21

    My Son Singing

    We're Adult Swim lovers here in this house, and we just went and saw the Aqua Teen Movie and got the soundtrack. My son is in love with the song Master Shake sings in the movie. Check it out.. I was laughing my ass off behind the camera. 92977
  8. XsMom21

    Yay! Had time to do my makeup today!

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking lately, just having time to check the new threads and yesterday, post the pics of our new house (which is a wreck, I know) but today, tada, I had time to do my make-up and snap some pics! Yay! What I used: Chartruese pigment Pastorale pigment Trax e/s Purple...
  9. XsMom21

    New house pictures!!!

    Well, I promised pictures, and here they are. Please keep in mind that we aren't done unpacking, and that all of us have been a bit sick the last few days. Well, on with the tour! The backyard: Eat in kitchen I know it's a mess, but you get the...
  10. XsMom21

    Out of that DAMN apartment!

    Well, everyone, I owe you thanks. I don't know if it was the prayers or well wishes, or just the positive energy, but we're outa that damn apartment, and just between us, they were very willing to appease us to make the complaint go away. So, we're in our new house and it's amazing. I will post...
  11. XsMom21

    Advent Children Video

    Everyone is showing off their photoshop and video skills so I figured I'd join in. Here is my first music video. It was based on Final Fantasy Advent Children (of which I'm a HUGE fan... of the entire series).... I have several more posted that I made on my myspace...
  12. XsMom21

    P!NK's new DVD!

    Yay! A new DVD! It comes out on April 17th. "Live From Wembley Arena" OMG I watched the preview and had to turn the air up cause I got chills so bad. lol Here's the preview: ::dances:: I love me some Alecia Moore!
  13. XsMom21

    Finally got a haircut FOTD

    yay me... no more long cowlicked hair. Had to style it up today. Used: Covergirl liquid foundation Maybeline Shimmer Powder Lancome Cuppicine Blush Wild and Crazy lip gloss in Drama Queen with rose liner Eyes: Clinique touch eye base MAC sushi flower MAC fuscia pigment Wild and Crazy e/s in...
  14. XsMom21

    Last Haul for a While

    Oh I had fun today! I went to the mall (which I found out today does NOT carry MAC... pooh.) and met a great MA who helped me circle the Clinique and Lancome counters. They had a great free gift thing going on at the Lancome Counter, so she helped me pick out a cute blush. Then when I got home...
  15. XsMom21

    Inspired by Temptalia - Black look

    I had to take a break from packing so I decided to try this look yesterday. I like the way it came out. It'd be perfect for a night out... not so good for sweaty packing lol. Once again, Temptalia has inspired me Too bad I didn't have any fluidline... So you know, liquid liner applied all over...
  16. XsMom21

    What to get, what to get.

    Ok girlies. My husband is sooo sweet. For Valentine's Day he got me a dozen pink roses with 1/2 a dozen red carnations AND a 75 dollar gift card to Macy's. (I thought I was gonna pass out lol) So. I need your help. There is sooo much that I want from MAC, and seeing as how I only own three e/s...
  17. XsMom21

    Update on Apartment thingy

    Well, I'm filing the complaint today. I may have enough for a civil suit as well, we'll see. Good news! My mom's cousins sister-in-law knows a woman who is moving out of a house at the end of the month. lol. Come to find out, I used to jam with this woman's half brother when I was singing. lol...
  18. XsMom21

    "Budget" Haul this month

    HAHAHAHA yea right. Here's what I've accumulated in the last 30 days. I think I need a new, less expensive addiction. What isn't pictured: Silly Goose e/s Hypnotique e/s 2 new E.L.F. compacts E.L.F. eyelash curlers (these are GREAT) Now, for pictures My MAC haul, thanks to Velvet...
  19. XsMom21

    Poor Girl's Make-up Collection

    I don't have much, and I only have a few MAC items, but I love my little collection. I'm no where near as neat as the rest of you, but its guy's night in, and I have no TV due to Call of Duty 3 being played three ways Here is my pink traincase my hubby got me for Christmas. Open with...
  20. XsMom21

    You must try these bath products!

    Around Christmas time, I found a store on Ebay with homeade soaps, lotions, etc. I studied the list of about 300 different scents and found Gardenia, my mother's favorite. I emailed the lady who makes the soaps about what kind of gift set I could get, and I ended up getting myself and my...