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  1. TwistedFaith

    ISO MAC So Ceylon

    I'm about to finish up my second So Ceylon MSF and I need more. I wear this beauty nearly every other day, I love it so. Willing to trade or purchase.
  2. TwistedFaith

    NARS Ninotchka

    Can anyone tell me more about this blush? I know it's been discontinued but I've seen it for sale on ebay and some other sites. Is it used as a contouring blush? Is it matte or shimmery? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  3. TwistedFaith

    Nylon Mag - Suite Array & Electroflash

    Hey everyone, I was just browsing the Aug. '08 issue of Nylon and they have a model wearing an e/s from the upcoming Suite Array collection, as well as a l/s from Electroflash. I just scanned it - sorry about the pic being this huge, I don't know how to resize it! From Nylon: Quote...