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  1. ExquizitDiva

    Collective December Haul

    This is most of my haulage for December. Sorry the colors washed out... I'm using my daughter's cam. I have a neutral palette and just starting with color palette all MAC. The 6 well palette is my cheek colors just got 3 more this month, then a Coastal Scents contour/blush and a blush...
  2. ExquizitDiva

    My 1st visit to a CCO Haul

    Slim pickens for MAC So all I got was 2 BB shimmerbricks in Peony (thx TISH ) and Brownie. From MAC Gold Spil MSF, Hyperreal NW500, Studio Stick NC45. My intention was to get every MSF they had but they only had 1!
  3. ExquizitDiva

    WOC don't sleep on that new BB Shimmerbrick

    OK WOC don't think that that Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Shimmerbrick isn't for you. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!! I wasn't sure it would work for me but I was soooooo wrong! It's absolutely beautiful! Definitely worth the price. The packaging is too too awesome! This is my first one and I'm in...
  4. ExquizitDiva

    WOC recommendation for neutral look

    I'm NW43 in SFF and NC45 in Studio Tech... please give me some ideas on eyeshadows, blush, & lips for neutral looks for work. I want professional BUT kind of dramatic eyes because I wear eyeglasses so need them to 'pop'. Thank you!!!! Mods please don't move... thanks!!!!!
  5. ExquizitDiva

    My 1st MAC Haul

    Hi guys!!! My very first haul was purchased on July 27 so that will be my MAC anniversary from now on! LOL!!!! Decided to get my foundation first. Studio Finish Fluid in NW43, Studio Tech NC45, Studio Finish Concealer NC45, MSFN Medium Deep, Loose Blot Powder Medium Dark.
  6. ExquizitDiva

    Foundation Help... does this seem right?

    I just recently switched my foundation to MAC so I went to the local counter here to get matched and this is what I walked away with: Studio Fix Fluid in NW43 and Studio Finish concealer in NC45... sound right? I'm VERY oily so I also got the loose & pressed blot powder in medium/dark, I ended...
  7. ExquizitDiva

    Any Savannah, GA people?

  8. ExquizitDiva

    Hey everyone!!

    Hi all!!!! I'm new here... but have been visiting for a while now. This place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how much information is here and how so helpful everyone is... I look forward to learning even more!