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  1. pushhupsindrag

    I could not love thee so much, love i not honor more

    [the secret history of the pink carnation, best book EVER!] i decided to use some of the new stuf i just got. and i just depotted my blushcremes yesterday and i really hope they dont dry out, i didnt melt them yay! but it looks like i got into a fight with them. looks slighty different in...
  2. pushhupsindrag

    This is the very ecstasy of love

    okay i really feel horrible today. eyes: fade moons reflection clear sky blue hepcat lavender sky parfait amour cheeks: paradisco lips: fresh buzz cultured
  3. pushhupsindrag

    This stamp will be every action that carry my affection

    [dear jamie...sincerley me] hellogoodbye sorry for the werid faces, full of happy. eyes: stars n rockets lavender sky hepcat beauty marked lips: push up plum fresh buzz cheeks: dollymix!
  4. pushhupsindrag

    I never knew a heart existed outside of make beleive

    [i saw it on your keyboard: hellogoodbye] the colors are kinda hard to see. some one them are washed out.and the the ywllow looks kinda unblended but in person it is.and its hard to see that the dots on the side were fading from dark to light. eyes: swimming blue abstinthe bitter chrome yellow...
  5. pushhupsindrag

    Went and bought me everything he couldnt

    [your pretty good looking by the white stripes] sorry for the multi tasking again. and it looks different in person..the colors are in other places, weird. eyes: mythology humid chrome yellow gorgeous gold vanilla piggy lips: of corset! [it felt really weird on my lips todayand its drying up...
  6. pushhupsindrag

    The wilted flowers that I gave

    [shimmy shimmy quarter turn by hellogoodbye] i was gonna post this this morning but i didnt have time. And in the pictures i was trying to multi task: taking pictures and blow drying my hair. so i look stupid. eyes: blue piggy freshwater beauty marked paradisco goldenaire piggy vanilla...
  7. pushhupsindrag

    It read, the gal you love is dead

    [death letter by the white stripes] okay so i used. eyes: golden lemon pig. golden olive pig. kelly green pig. blue pig. vanilla pig. parfait amour beauty marked lips: Miss Bunny TLC Show coral chromeglass [my love!]
  8. pushhupsindrag

    Thunderstorms could never stop me

    [Emily by from first to last] okay well i used: aquadisiac swimming tilt freshwater beauty marked purple haze (the broken bits i still have left on it) lips: push up plum
  9. pushhupsindrag

    Stencil in my heart, into anothers hands

    [my heart your hands by from first to last] i had to rush on my makeup or i was gonna be late for school. i used: Rule Chrome yellow gorgeous gold sundays best
  10. pushhupsindrag

    no answer at pro?

    i was calling mac pro to try and order some stuff and i was on the phone for so long and nobody ever answered, has that ever happened to anyone else, how long did it take them to answer?
  11. pushhupsindrag

    White it out like glittering wax butterflies

    [maybe memories by the used] haha i bet everyone is sick of me. okay well i used: some pink by i dunno pink pearl piggy vanilla piggy pink opal piggy
  12. pushhupsindrag

    stay in bed just make love that's all

    sorry for the lack of pictures i had to go work on a project before school. today is blue day!
  13. pushhupsindrag

    I guess it's ok I puked the day away

    i do something like this alot but i used my new pigments that i havent yet used. Eyes: kelly green true char. golden olive vanilla lips: lingerie pink maribu cheeks: petticoat silver dusk
  14. pushhupsindrag

    paint sticks?

    Has anybody ever tried them? Do you like them or no??
  15. pushhupsindrag

    I should have been born in the 80's

    sorry for the weird expressions, it was 80's day!! do not ask, i just look like a loosa.
  16. pushhupsindrag

    in trouble for makeup?

    at my school awhile back i drew some black flowers on my face, very notcable apparently some of the yearbook people took a picture of it and the principal saw it and said that if i ever did anything like that again then i would get four saturday schools. he said he would give me a few now but he...
  17. pushhupsindrag

    Why's your name Jane Doe?

    sorry i had to rush to school Eyes: blue brown pigment violet pigment
  18. pushhupsindrag

    I'd End My Days With You in a Hail of Bullets

    sorry for all the weird facial expressions. and once again my camera drained out the color and focused on the orange. Eyes: Rule Sushi Flower Stars N Rockets Mythology Honey Lust Lips: Girl about town lipstick Show coral chromeglass no clue why i was smiling i feel like doing...
  19. pushhupsindrag

    The bridges are burnt and there's no turning back

    my camera is stupid and drains out all the color, it looks like there is only yellow but there is other colors. Eyes: Chrome Yellow Bitter Moons Reflection Cheek: Dollymix blush Mythology Lips: Russian Red Cultured tee hee
  20. pushhupsindrag

    Listen well will you marry me?

    i had to rush on the pictures so i wouldnt be late to school eyes: Chrome Yellow Velvet moss Mythology Honey Lust Beauty Marked Cheeks: Petticoat Mythology