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  1. badkittekitte

    Airport Security Question

    hey there...i really hope that someone can direct me to a thread here about what can't (of mac) be carried on a plane? im moving to seattle and im not checking me i know that i will have to pack my fix+ and charged water in my case...but does gloss count as a liquid? i guess that...
  2. badkittekitte

    My Electro Flash & Sonic Chic Haul

    Sorry no pics! Electro Flash: Play On Plums Two To Glow (Love) Fresh Green Mix (Adore) Li' Hot Pepper Major Minor Sonic Chic: Merrily (Heavenly) Have a feeling I will want more of the shadows! Debating if i wanted to get a duo from new view....
  3. badkittekitte

    Shadows That Fit In Mac Palletes

    Hey there..i really hope that this thread doesn't already exist but I was hoping that we could start a running list of shadows from different cosmetic company that will fit into a mac palette. again...if this is a dupe thread please delete it and i'm so sorry...but if not i imagine this would help!
  4. badkittekitte

    My First FOTD Thread!!

    ok...ive been a member for awhile but havent posted bc i hated my old lets see how this goes with new camera What I Used (Everything Mac): FACE: Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation NC25 mixed w/ Studio Lights Skin Lure (187se) BE Mineral Veil (182 dupe BE brush) Global Glow MSF...
  5. badkittekitte

    Boby Modification Help

    hey there!!! im finally in the process of wearing plugs...i love the look but need to make sure its what you want or get ur piercing sewed shut then pierced im doing it on my own: starting at a 16 gauge and working up to a 4 or so...not sure..i know i dont want a 0 or
  6. badkittekitte

    Need Some Help

    please mac veterans...check this out and let me know if its fake...
  7. badkittekitte

    Work For Mac Without Schooling

    is it possible to become a mac girl or work for mac doing make-up without going to make-up does that work??? im looking into doing make-up and would like to gain experience through in love with the company
  8. badkittekitte

    Liner For Water Line

    what eye liner do i use to line my water line??? i love the look and i want it to last as long as my eye liner on top...thanks so much