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  1. meagannn

    Bright blushes for porcelain skin?

    I need some rec's for blushes, brightly colored ones for me to try. What brands have nice blushes? I am paler than NC15. I wear revlon colorstay in Ivory. Mousy ash brown/blonde hair, blue eyes. I recently found Firespot e/s again and on a whim i dusted a little of it on as a blush and oddly...
  2. meagannn

    Houston, Texas... yeehaw!

    Hey kids im so excited because over spring break I get to go to Houston to see my very best friend in the entire world. (who I haven't seen since 2005!) So, anyway, I've never been to Houston- What is there to do there? Something that I just can't do in Amarillo, Texas. I assume theres alot...
  3. meagannn

    recs for Lily White dupe?

    I have had this little sample of lily white pigment for ever... and have just barely begun using it. The problem is, I LOVE THIS PIGMENT! it just looks so nice with my skintone and... anyway. I am almost certain i am going to want to keep wearing it, that is, if i can find something similar in...
  4. meagannn

    do you find yourself attracted to certain products?

    This may be a silly question but do you ever find yourself attracted to the same kinds of products over and over? One type of item, no matter what brand, that you can never have enough of? Or just one kind of item you always want to buy? I find myself, when browsing through makeup stores or...
  5. meagannn

    What song are you listening to right now?

    As in, right this very second! or am I the only one who listens to my music while i'm browsing specktra? right now i am listening to the All American Rejects Move Along, "Stab My Back" I am really into this happy music mood right now and Im curious to know what you other beauties are...
  6. meagannn

    hello lovelies!!

    Hey everybody! My name is Meagan, i'm 21 from Amarillo, Texas. I'm currently going to school studying mass communications I learned about this site from one of the groups i belong to on myspace I have been perusing around this site for about a week now and I am learning so much! I have had a...