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  1. slowdownbaby

    Victoria's Secret Online store

    Hi ladies! I'm going to need your help again (: I love some bikinis from VS but on their online store, the shipping to Portugal is 40 dollars!!! So it makes impossible for me to order from them.. Any of you know any online store which sells VS internationally? I've been searching for a year now...
  2. slowdownbaby

    Natural suplments and vitamins store

    Hi Ladies! I was looking for an online store that sells natural supplemts, vitamins etc! Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!!!
  3. slowdownbaby

    Online stores that sells salon hair color

    Hi girls! I need your help once again! I'm trying to find some online stores or ebay stores which sells salon hair color, like redken or chi! I tried on ebay some sellers, but the shipping it's too damn expensive to Europe! So if you know any good sellers please tell me! Keep in mind that I'm...
  4. slowdownbaby

    Jessica Simpson Make-up & body products

    I'm a huge Jessica Simpson fan. Over the years I've collected some of the products she uses. But it has been a while, I just don't have the time to keep up with the make up brands and products she uses. So even if you're a fan, or if you just like her looks I got some products that she uses. If...
  5. slowdownbaby

    Shampoo for blonde hair/ Violet Shampoo

    Hi ladies! I have been wondering about these questions for quiet some time now, and I was hoping you could help me, blond or not (: I have natural blond hair that I have been dying it brown, red, wtv color for 4 years. Since it was damaging my hair, I did go back to blond 2 years ago, but I did...
  6. slowdownbaby


    Hello Ladies ((: I'm Marisa, and I'm from Portugal I'm new in this forum, and I'm looking to learn more about make up, receive input about some products and give mine! Also, I'll be buying some cosmetics from sales (which I'm not allowed yet I think) because here in Portugal MAC and other...