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    Sephora F&F OCT 2012! What's on your wish list???

    I recently found out that Sephora is having their Friends and Family sale beginning Oct 18-31 I have a wish list but I know I can't get everything. With so many new holiday collections coming out, I have to be selective My list: Olef Henriksen Truth serum YSL Touche...
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    So I had no idea Sephora friends and family sale is happening next week !!! I just bought a few pricey items a few of weeks ago...I would have waited...maybe :D I have been researching make up like I'm studying for the GRE. I don't know what to get and I HAVE to get something. Here...
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    Perfect Pinky nude lip NW43/NC50

    I'm in the market for the perfect one step (lipstick only) or maybe 2-step (l/s and liner) pinky nude lip. In interest of time and on the go glam, I am obsessed with finding the perfect, natural, glam, beautiful, lip color. I certainly have pigmented lips (thanks to VS beauty rush gloss frying...
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    I am looking for a not so heavy but covers well powder foundation. i am super oily and want to know what you ladies are wearing and what shade. Any shades post here but I am closer to NC50/NC45/NW43-MAC and NARS Macao/Cadiz sheer matte. Has anyone tried the MUFE powder foundations? MAC...
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    MAC Matchmaster-did you find your perfect match?

    I went in to get matched yesterday for the launch of the Matchmaster foundation. This has to be it. I am in between every shade in the other formulas. I used the chart online to select the color to try. 7.0 was too light but 7.5....omg. I saw my face. finally. Not ashy not tanned but my...
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    Fall looks for NC45/NC50/C7

    Hey Gals! I need your help! I want to create a fall look for this season but I can't seem to put away my fluer power blush and bronze-y colors. I totally love bright lips and nude lips but I think I need to switch it up a bit. All I can come up with are neutral eye looks, dirty...