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  1. Hikaru-chan

    Why don't hairdressers do what you ask them to do???

    I had my hair done the other day and even though I bought in picture and gave the stylists strict instruction I've still somehow ended up with something I didn't ask for!! I went in with just past shoulder length hair that had about 3 inches worth of old bleached ends (which were covered...
  2. Hikaru-chan

    Major help needed!

    Let me begin by saying I do not dislike my job but really don't like the way the company I work for treats it's staff (or it's customers for that matter), I've been with them for 8 years and can honestly say all that what was originally discussed in my interview in terms of promotions and a...
  3. Hikaru-chan

    How do I get a super light ash blonde on previously highlighted hair?

    I've recently got tired of my brown hair (it was red for a while and then I dyed it brown and have been doing so for the past two years) and decided I wanted lighter hair. The ideal color that I want is a super light ash blonde which I know would be hard to achieve on my previously dyed hair...
  4. Hikaru-chan

    I'm NEVER EVER letting anyone cut my hair for me again!!!

    Why is it when you go to the hair salon you ask your stylist for a certain cut and you never end up getting what you asked for? Take today for example. I had a booking at my usual salon for a cut and blow dry, my usual stylist has left so I booked in with the manager who is at...
  5. Hikaru-chan

    Have I upset him? i do not want to loose him as a friend

    Earlier last year a friend of mine told me that he really liked me and he knew that I didn't like him back in the same way but he had to tell me anyway to be sure. I replied that I liked him as a friend but nothing more and then joked around that he must have been drunk when he sent the text...
  6. Hikaru-chan

    Which one should I go for next?

    I really wanna buy a new perfume, I've managed to narrow it down to a few but need help to actually choose one as I'm being rather indecisive as I like them all. I normally go for quite sweet, heavy perfumes but I also like lighter fruitier scents. Any other recommendations are welcome.
  7. Hikaru-chan

    Weird new hair texture!

    I was at the salon 3 weeks ago getting my color changed from a light warm brown to a deep brown with a plum undertone and the stylist noticed that I had a section of hair that was really coarse and rough that we both hadn't noticed before and she thought it was strange. Anyways the plum faded...
  8. Hikaru-chan

    What should I go for next?

    Okay so I need hair help again. At the moment my hair is a bright copper red shade that is way too much maintenece, I mean I got it dyed on monday just gone and the ends are already a shade lighter than the top this is because at xmas last year I got it bleached all over and now the ends are...
  9. Hikaru-chan

    Issues with my boss at work.

    Let me begin by saying that both me and my sister work at the same place but by no means do I stick up for her because are related, I would stick up for anyone of my collegues if I thought they were being treated unfairly. At work we have a couple of spinning chairs that are there for customers...
  10. Hikaru-chan

    Do women wear make-up to attract the opposite sex?

    Okay so I know this is quite random question but something someone said something to me a few weeks ago and it's been annoying me ever since. A regular client of mine had come in for her infills and instead of greeting me her usual way the first thing she said to me was "look at you, don't you...
  11. Hikaru-chan

    Which Hair Color Suits Me Best?

    Okay so I need every ones help, soon I'm gonna need my hair done again as I now have 2 inches of regrowth. Thing is I'm not sure on what color to go for, I've been pale blonde, brunette, black, auburn, highlighted and my current shade which is a bright ruby red. I really do like my red hair but...
  12. Hikaru-chan

    Gucci Flora

    Does anyone else love this as much as I do? It's the most beautiful fresh summer scent I've ever come across, I think I prefer it to Escada's Ocean Lounge. I bought the 75ml bottle today and couldn't be happier.
  13. Hikaru-chan

    NARS, MAC, Barry M, GOSH and CHina Glaze.

    This is stuff I've accumulated over the past 4 weeks so I didn't go on a mad shopping spree all at once. YSL: Pure Gloss in #1 Pure Gloss in #2 Rouge Volupte in #1 Nude Beige Rouge Volupte in #7 Lingerie Pink Rouge Volupte in #13 Peach Passion Pure Lipstick in #148 Tea Rose Pure Lipstick in...
  14. Hikaru-chan

    Help for Hair That's Breaking Off.

    Just before xmas I had my hair bleached all over cause I wanted to be a bright almost platinum blonde. Biggest mistake ever cause now I'm paying the price, the ends are breaking off. The first 3-4 inches are fine but it's the last 2-3 inches that are breaking in small little pieces and it's...
  15. Hikaru-chan

    New Hair Color, well sort of.

    Technically not a new haircolor as it's been red for a while now, but I re-dyed it last night and I'm really pleased with the result. I used Special Effects semi-permanent dye in a combination of Devilish and Blood Red mixed to a 2 to 1 ratio. Hair before: Hair after: Artificial light...
  16. Hikaru-chan

    MAke Up For Ever HD Foundation Shade Reccomendation?

    I'm wanting to get me hand on this very badly but I haven't a clue what shade to go for. I can't test the shades cause I don't live anywere near a store that sells it (in the UK there's only the one store). I range anything from a NC15 to a NC25 depending on the time of the year, which shade or...
  17. Hikaru-chan

    Crazy Customers.

    Okay so there's a thread for bad customers but what about the crazy ones. Share your stories about customers who are quite simply nuts, I'll go first. Lately I keep getting this one lady who comes in, almost on a daily basis, to ask if we sell nail art brushes or if we know were she can get...
  18. Hikaru-chan

    Bleach Blonde to Auburn.

    On monday I had an appointment with my hairdresser, it was either changing my color to an auburn shade or make my hair lighter than what it was so we decided to bleach my already highlighted hair all over to get a lighter more uniform look. I don't think it suits me in the slightest to light...