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  1. LilLatnLdy

    Maconline, smashbox and specktra haul

    MAC Online: VGVI SE l/g, Fafi Eyes 1, Hipness, Fashion Frenzy, Sassed Up, Perky, Rollickin, and Cash Flow. Smashbox Online: Hybrid Luminzing Primer plus a free lipgloss in the color Luminous (also got a sample of O-glow and Photofinish Light). Ebay: Dechair back up pigment Specktra: Sweetie...
  2. LilLatnLdy

    Last Friday's haul

    Last Friday I visited MAC to see the N Collection in person and got: N collection - Light Flush and Warmed MSF Metal X - Cyber, Plum Electric, Goldspice, Pink Ingot, and Fusion Gold The Originals - Charred (I thought about getting Parrot but I have the original one) I also stopped at Sephora...
  3. LilLatnLdy

    Insecurity or Good Puzzle piecer

    mods please delete this post
  4. LilLatnLdy

    10-19-06 fotn

    Hi Ladies! Okay this is my first attempt using some of the items I bought from the NocturnElle collection, hope you like it. Oh and I'm not wearing my green contacts so I hope you like my brown eyes Eyes: UDPP, relaxing e/s to highlight, soft brown e/s (between crease and brow bone)...
  5. LilLatnLdy

    experimental FOTD

    Okay, I'm going to the Oakland Raiders game today and so last night I was experimenting with my make-up and well instead of a team spirit look (silver and black)....I ended up with more of a Morticia Adams look minus the pale skin and red lips...LOL!!! Oh well...GO RAIDERS!!!!
  6. LilLatnLdy

    1st FOTD

    Hi All, I've signed up several weeks ago but have just been lurking and have finally decided to say "Hello" and post a pic of me. I really love looking at the FOTDs that you ladies post. They are so awesome and I hope that I can do as good as a job too with some pratice. Hope you like my...