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  1. deathcabber

    MAC LE MSF's, Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks, Lime Crime, NARS, Urban Decay Naked

    Shipping is $1.50 per item within the US. Paypal only! Jeffree Star - Crocodile Tears - BN- $18 Jeffree Star - Pumpkin Pie - BN- $18 MAC Center of the Universe MSF - used 2-3x - $24 MAC Starshine MSF - used 2-3x - $24 Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - used 2-3 times - $30 Urban Decay...
  2. deathcabber

    Bright Blue Fyrinnae EOTD!!

    All from Fyrinnae: Base - Lewd Lavender E/l Inner Corner - Optimism Outer Corner - Sleeping Cutie Outer Bottom Lash Line and in outer V - Sennyo Inner Bottom Lash Line - Cupcake Sprinkles Upper Lid - Orions Belt Highlight - Nijiro (which you cant see in the pic!!) Anything not pictured about...
  3. deathcabber

    My first tutorial!!! Black and Blue all over.

    This is my first tutorial so please be gentle….however, any CC is very welcome! Here are my supplies. Many are interchangeable! UD Deluxe Palette – Peace and Zero e/s MAC Sharkskin Shadestick MAC Ricepaper e/s Too Faced Shadow Insurance (or UDPP) MAC Flusterose Lustreglass Bronzer, blush...
  4. deathcabber

    The She Space (About Face) pigment swatches...

    I realize that in some of these you can read the labels but in others you cant, so I will try to add those when time permits! and two quick and dirty EOTD's with them...
  5. deathcabber


    Edit: Fyrinnae now has their turn around time down to 4-14 days!!! Way to go guys These are all swatched dry on a bare hand. I plan on retaking them soon to get better quality and add a few, but here they are for now!
  6. deathcabber

    Various eyeliner swatches..Milani, UD, L'Oreal, MAC etc.

    Milani Black them so much, hate how much they smudge. L-R Blackened Pink, Blue, Teal, Green, Gold and Sterling. 24/7 liners also in the same order as the 1st pic but beginning with Bourbon going from the bottom up and in...
  7. deathcabber

    1 EOTD, 2 looks!! How Plumage can make a difference :)

    MAC Pharaoh Paint Pot MAC Chrome Yellow Micabella (forget the name but its the bright green) She Space in Make Believe MAC Deep Truth (lower lash line) MAC Rice Paper MAC Blacktrack And then I added Plumage just for shiggles and it looked that much better
  8. deathcabber

    My small and varied collection!!!

    I really want to take more detailed pics sometime...but for now here you go! vanity that DH built me top of vanity top drawer with many misc. items...overflow loose e/s, perfumes and polishes inside blushes eyeshadows and liners fyrinnae drawer MAC pigment drawer...
  9. deathcabber

    All I can see is red, red, red....

    Ok, first full FOTD here....Im in pj's and my hair is not styled in this so I tend to look a little better than this, but I digress. Also, I am growing out the brows so they are a wee bit furry Jane Mineral Foundation Coverblend Concealor MAC Sweet William Blush UD Primer Potion UD Jones E/s...
  10. deathcabber

    Rainbows are soooo complicated EOTD

    Ok I spent 40 freakin minutes on the 1 eye and it still didnt come out great I need to carry the color higher up on my lid I think too. Anyways...used: lids: UD PP Fyrinnae Daemonic loose e/s Fyrinnae Firedance loose e/s Fyrinnae Leo loose e/s Fyrinnae Elvin Dagger loose e/s to line bottom...
  11. deathcabber

    The UVB is killing me EOTD

    Urban Decay UVB on top lid Urban Decay Flipside on bottom lashline MAC Graphic Brown to line top Jordana Color Extend in Morning Coffee to tighline bottom Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara please pardon the furry brows :P
  12. deathcabber

    First EOTD's ever!!!

    <br> <br> Last pic could be blended better...what I used: MAC Teal pigment topped with Cover Girl Aqua Paradise e/s Jane Tangy e/s topped with MAC Pink Bronze pigment MAC Grain e/s Jordana Color XTend E/l in Morning Coffee Covergirl Lash Exact <br> <br> Used: Urban Decay Oil Slick e/s MAC...
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    Barbie shirt sizes?

    Has anyone seen the sizes yet? Im going tomorrow to check it out, I just wonder how big a large is. I really hope these arent cut for only the tiniest of MAC fans, and that those of us who are well endowed can wear them too
  14. deathcabber

    Barbie postcard, where are you???

    I always get postcards, but I still dont have Barbie! Have most people gotten it already?
  15. deathcabber

    Good colors to pair with Sumptuous Olive?

  16. deathcabber

    Bitter vs. Chartreuse Pigment vs. Nars Rated R??

    Anyone? TIA
  17. deathcabber

    Anyone else have really bad undereye circles?

    What is your strategy? I am really down about mine lately. They are genetic...and I see my mother and grandmother and think "this is what I have to look forward to?". Anyways, for a few years Ive been using Coverblend products because everything else I have tried makes people ask if I am...
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    Did I miss something/Studio Finish Palettes?

    When did these come out? I want one so bad now!!!
  19. deathcabber

    All Woman vs. En Point?

    Can anyone do a SBS of these two?
  20. deathcabber

    A Cheap Gal's take on the MAC 187 vs. Flirt Skunk

    Im sure this has all been said before...but this is coming from a very cheap/bargain hunter kind of gal I have wanted the 187 for at least a year but couldnt bring myself to pay for it. Finally, this Christmas with the help of some Macy's gift cards, I got it!!!! Here are my thoughts... I...