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    Does anyone know if the mac store in Ibiza is a pro store

    Hiya, I know the large pop up mac store in Ibiza has been made permanent but I was just wondering if its a pro store. Thanks
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    What lipliner do you like to use with impassioned lipstick?

    I currently use process magenta but I would love to find a slightly lighter coloured liner
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    Colour corrector recs for redness

    I have redness on my cheeks that I am trying to cover up. I don't want an all over primer just something that I can apply to my cheeks. I have heard that Jemma Kidd does a corrector called citrus that is good-has anyone tried it? I also love the consistency of the mac highlighter pens and I am...
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    Mufe hd cream blush v Inglot amc liquid blush

    I was wondering if anybody has tried both of these products and if so what do you think? I am leaning towards mufe because there is more of a colour range but I would love to hear your thoughts on the formula of both.....
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    Can you recommend a place to buy magnets for depotting mac shadows

    Hi can you recommend a place to buy magnets for depotting mac shadows- preferably ones that come with adhesive on the back
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    The beauty blender- what's your thoughts?

    I am thinking of getting a beauty blender and would love to hear your opinion of them. Thanks
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    Mac magically cool powder in honey Rose v mac sheersheen lucent

    Does anybody have both of these and if so do they differ much ie colour, texture, finish
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    What are your favourite eye brow products?

    I am looking at getting some eyebrow products and would love you hear what your favourites are
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    Recs for hot pink/Fushia lip liner

    i love to wear lipsticks like girl about town, show orchid and fusion pink but the only lip liner I have that's in the same colour family is mac magenta lip liner which I finds darkens the lip stick when I want it to look bright! Any recs for suitable lip liners to use with these lipsticks?
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    What's your favourite mixing medium and why

    I recently went to a mac pro store to get water based mixing medium to foil pigments to create shadows. The mua recommended the matte mixing medium as it wasn't a messy. Since I have ingots version of the water based mixing medium I got the matte mixing medium. I do find it creases tho and I do...
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    Recommendations for pore refiners

    i currently use clinques pore refiner but I would like to try something else. Any recs for a good pore refiner?
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    Strobe cream v's strobe liquid

    I love strobe cream but I was wondering what the difference is between the cream and the liquid. Has anybody tried both and what's your opinion?
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    Mac official tutorial video - skin perfection with fatima

    Hi Has anybody been checking out the new style video tutorials by mac? I didn't like the lip demo as the video was just too shakey! But i just found this video by Fatima doing a foundation demo I love her...
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    Nars eyeshadow duo recommendations for green eyes

    I mainly stick to mac but its my birthday this week so I thought I would treat myself to 1-2 nars eyeshadow duos since I like nars multiples and eye shadow base so much... What would be your recommendations for green eyes. thanks
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    I need your help picking a perfume - i don't have a sense of smell

    Hi I am anosmic which means I don't have a sense of smell and I never had. I want to get a perfume but obviously am finding it tricky to pick one out! I would like something that smells fresh and clean. I also like the bottle to look clean, modern and streamlined. Here are a couple of...
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    Porcelain beauties-semi precious- what are you hoping to haul

    Hello my fellow porcelain beauties. What are you hoping to get from semi precious? After seeing karla sugars swatches I now am lusting after half the eye shadows! I love the look of the dark green and navy ones but I don't think I would use them. I also want to get 3 of the brushes and a couple...
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    mac mixing medium v Inglot duraline

    Hi, Has anybody used both Mac mixing medium and Inglot duraline and do you think one is better than the other??
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    I need your storage tips!

    I have an ever growing make up collection and I need storage solutions. My problem is lack of space. I currently use a mac traincase and I have a couple of shelves too but my collection is getting bigger than the space I have. I know a lot of people recommend Ikea helmers ect but I just don't...
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    Do i need multiple foundations-What do you think of Bobbi brown skin foundation?

    I love natural and dewy foundations. My favs are MAC face & body for daytime and studio sculpt for nighttime. If my skin needs a bit more coverage during the day I layer a bit more face & body on. I had a baby on new years eve and now that I have 2 small babies I don't have much time in the...