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  1. tadzio79

    Balloonacy! Woohoo!!!

    so I was the only person at MAC counter when I went in around 11AM, lol! I took forever looking at all of them, and finally got: Piggies - viz-a-violet, helium, and golden olive L/g - silly girl, pink meringue, and perky l/s - Full blown and Rubia Misc: 242 brush 219 brush Bare Canvas paint...
  2. tadzio79

    Softwash Grey vs. Softwashed for Brianne

    softwash grey is on the left and softwashed is on the right for both pics. 1st pic is of pigments in the jar, and 2nd pic is swatches on my hand (applied wet) over UDPP. I tried to take dry swatch pics, but my cam didn't pick up the colors well. HTH!
  3. tadzio79

    My Turn for a Barbie Haul!!!

    hehe, so I lucked out and called in to reserve a spot for me and my sister at MAC on Hollywood & Highland. I've never been to that store before, so I didn't realize that it was somewhat small. There were 3 cute model/waiters giving out drinks and sandwiches to nibble on, while everyone was...
  4. tadzio79

    Last MAC Haul of the Year! lol!

    I got out of bed on boxing day a bit late, panicked, and ran to MAC with NO MU! lol! I got: Danse MSFs - Glissade (LOVE) & Lightscapade Danse piggies - Pastorale & Aire-de-blu Naked pigment Tan pigment Couture Richmetal highlighters - La Mode & Gilt Edge 182 brush (can you believe the MUA...
  5. tadzio79

    Hello y'all!

    joined a few days ago, never did an introduction.. Greetings from Carson, CA! I'm in my mid(ahem)- 20s, married, recent UC Davis graduate (yay!). I'm relatively new to the whole makeup thing, in fact, I only started to wear make up on a daily basis (try to anyway) this year. Thanks for...