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  1. meowgoezdacow

    Prr or Nymphette?

    Well I'm trying to decide which one to get! So which one do you like better?? Prr or Nymphette Lipglass??
  2. meowgoezdacow

    **showy Eotd**

    So I got L'oreal HIP shadow Duo in 'Showy' and was excited to use it because I've heard that the lighter color looks kinda like Parrot?? anyways, it shows up more of a dark green in the pic but the shadow color is really more of a tealy turquoise-ish mixed with a bit of blue-ish color lol can't...
  3. meowgoezdacow

    Neutral Pink -- help!!

    I got Neutral Pink from the N collection and have NO idea what goes good with it. I didn't get anything else from the N collection so do you gals know any permanent eyeshadows that would make a good combination with neutral pink??? I'm an NC30 for reference. thanks so much in advance!!!
  4. meowgoezdacow

    My Valentines FOTD! <33

    yaaay happy valentines day everybody =) i took a break from makeup for awhile but since its valentines i picked up some eyeshadow and started having fun ps. excuse my frizzy hair lol. [face] - Jane Be Pure Mineral Pressed Powder - Prescriptives Flawless Skin Concealer - MAC Sweet...
  5. meowgoezdacow

    Applying for Sephora inside a JcPenney

    There's a Sephora opening in about a month in my local JcPenney and I was wondering do I apply with JcPenney or do I wait for the Sephora to open and then apply through them? Could I by any chance apply for that specific location BEFORE they open? If so, how can I?? thanks ladies!~
  6. meowgoezdacow

    All Dolled Up

    I was just playing around with my makeup tonight and I guess I ended up with this?? it reminded me of a doll look so yeah! Face: -Milani Minerals Loose Makeup -Prescriptives Concealer -CoverGirl blush in Rose Silk Eyes -Wet 'n' Wild mega liner liquid Lips: -Flirt! Super Shiny Lipgloss...
  7. meowgoezdacow

    my little cco haul!! but i'm excited! w/ pics =)

    this is my first time visiting a CCO store and i didn't know they had such great deals! i went to the one in camarillo~ sooo i got: -MAC Pleat: 6 cool eyes (eyeshadow set) -Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Peony -MAC Dress Set: 5 warm lustre and lipglass -Bobbi Brown eye smudge brush
  8. meowgoezdacow

    Very First FOTD!!! on my worst hair day ever!!

    so I decided to do my very first FOTD this morning and it just happened to be my worst hair day ever~ ah i'm nervous posting because all you gals r like veterans lol any constructive criticism is welcome :thumbsup: ps. my forehead is a lil shiny O_O =) face: -Boots No.7 soft and sheer...
  9. meowgoezdacow

    My 'I need to get ready for prom' Haul

    eek today i got all the makeup essentials i need for my prom! i am excited! -Studio Fix Fluid NC30 -#187 Stippling Brush -Strobe Cream -Prep and Prime Skin -Studio Fix C3 -Black Tied e/s -Forgery e/s -Shroom e/s