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  1. ilovedisneyland

    Its been years!

    Hi guys, sorry for my slack! Here a FOTD from today, I only have my macbook camera so the quality is kind of bad. None the less enjoy! Eyes- Passionate e/s, Pollen e/s, Budding Beauty e/s, Frost f/l, Black f/l, Studio Fix Lash Face- Origins Silk Screen refining powder in Vanilla Cream, Desert...
  2. ilovedisneyland

    c-shock and a few other fotd's Face- clinique almost makeup, bare minerals, orgasm blush, gold dusk pigment eyes- gold dusk pigment, amber lights e/s, vanilla...
  3. ilovedisneyland

    eotd and kitty pictures

    Again im sorry I SUCK at updating but I've been abnormally busy, i recently went to Coachella, that took a lot of money, a lot of working, plus im still going to coesmetology school. And yes i'm blonde again, and yes i have a new piercing, i'm ever changing :] As you guys may have caught on I'm...
  4. ilovedisneyland

    Brown smokey eye

    I know its been awhile, i'm so busy lately, and I hardley ever wear makeup anymore, but yesterday i did have som free time so heres a look :] eyes: coco pigment, beauty marked e/s,charcoal brown e/s, ben nye ice and aztec gold boot black liquid eyeliner blush: pink swoon lips:nothing
  5. ilovedisneyland

    My take on Twiggy Sorry that i have been so busy i miss this community, i'll try to post more now that i have a new camera :] edit: I used... eyes: vanilla e/sbeauty marked e/s, trax e/s, seedy pearl e/s...
  6. ilovedisneyland

    a friends halloween makeup

    thats all :]
  7. ilovedisneyland

    smokey eye

  8. ilovedisneyland

    A bunch of picutres

    So I started cosmetology school, and on saturday I brought my makeup and did a lot of the girls makeup, I don't have all of the pictures but heres some, the quality is kind of bad they got all washed out but what can you do.. I did this models makeup 2 weeks ago too :] and me just incase...
  9. ilovedisneyland

    fotd this is all natural lighting, so its kinda weird looking i think :-/ anywhooo this is what i used eyes:Circulity, Pattern Pink...
  10. ilovedisneyland

    fotd and my new kitty

    So my friend Perri and I were driving and we almost ran over this cute little baby kitty, and being the animal lover i am i just jumped out of the car and saved it becase we were in a very busy parking lot. He was all skinny and obviously didn't have anyone to take care of him, so my mom let me...
  11. ilovedisneyland

    blue and brown

    CLOSE UPPP! lol eyes:fade e/s, golden dusk, blue pigment, amberlights, tempting e/s face:refined golden bronzer, foolish me blush lips:blushing nude l/s by clinique and c-thru over it and a pratice zombie look. bad picture but oh well
  12. ilovedisneyland


    dont mind the huge booboo i have on my chin :] i used .. eyes:expensve pink,old gold, emerald pigment, gold dusk pigment cheeks:gold dusk, petticoat lips:viva glam v, and miss bunny tint toons
  13. ilovedisneyland

    teal babyy

    im used:eyes- vanilla pigment, meadowland e/s, and electric eel e/s face:foolish me blush, bare minerals, champaigine m/s lips:deverish l/p underage l/g
  14. ilovedisneyland

    prom pictures

  15. ilovedisneyland

    orange and blue

    i used:expensive pink, electric coral, gold dusk, softwash grey,fountianbleu face:bare minerals(i got the brush for it and let me tell you it works a million times better) foolish me blush, petticoat m/s,gold dusk li[s:viva glam V l/g, melon pigment, pinkarat l/g
  16. ilovedisneyland

    purple and gold

    i used.. face-bare minerals, foolish me blush, flirt and tease blush eyes- vanilla pigment, violet pigment, grape pigment, amber lights, cheap hot topic glitter, liquid liner and benefit mascara. lips- pink mauved opigment, and miss bunny tint toons
  17. ilovedisneyland

    brown and electric coral

    i used eyes:electric coral pigment,charcoal brown,vanilla pigment cheeks:foolish me blush, and orgasm lips: chap stick lol. sorry about the crappy pictures! it looked better i swear!
  18. ilovedisneyland

    pink and blue eyes-bloody mary hot pink, ruby red pigment, vanilla pigment, print e/s,iris accents eyeliner, blue pigment, sexy lash...
  19. ilovedisneyland

    a fotd with old gold

    woohoo i got my lip pierced! i used: eyes- corn s/s, old gold pigment, humid e/s. print e/s, vanilla pigment, sexy lash (benefit) face- bare minerals, orgasm blush lips- viva glam v l/g
  20. ilovedisneyland

    pink smokey cat eye

    start with this... eyes-cranberry,budding beauty, beauty marked, vanilla pigment, untitled paint, liquid eyeliner, teal eyeliner, sexy lash marcara by benefit face- clinique invisible matte, petticoat ms, fushia pigment lips- deverish l/l, vivaglam l/g clean face... duhhh! add coverup...