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  1. astronaut

    Sephora Return Policy?/Bad experience :(

    Hi guys. So the story is, I bought a Stila Barbie Smudgepot back in October as a backup since it was limited edition. I liked the first one I got but after having it for so long and not even making a dent in it I decided to return my backup and exchange it for something that I will use now...
  2. astronaut

    Dead on dazzleglass dupes!!

    Hey guys. I just wanted to share these dazzleglass dupes from Milani that I found and let me tell you, the are DUPES. Here's a photo: These are the Milani 3d glamour glosses. I have a review on my blog if you're interested.
  3. astronaut

    Red lips, whimsical garden, holiday looks

    A couple of looks I have dating back to winter! These are more recent: Signature Red Lips Products used: Skin: Merlot moisturizer SPF 15 Clinique All About Eyes Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 25 Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer Face: MUFE HD foundation #120 Bobbi Brown corrector...
  4. astronaut

    Skull, Barbie, Mermaid, and bedroom eyes.

    Hey hey I have a couple looks to share! I have a new Canon Rebel XS and it's one of the best purchases ever next to my Macbook; I love it! All these looks have accompanying tutorials on my Youtube channel except for the bedroom eyes which will be up this weekend. Barbie Inspired Makeup...
  5. astronaut

    Mermaid Inspired Makeup
  6. astronaut

    Viva Glam I

    VIVA GLAM I by MAC is fast becoming one of my most favorite lipsticks. I forgot how gorgeous this lip colour is. I've been wearing it practically everyday recently! Then there's the MAC AIDS FUND of course, which justifies the $14 completely! Skin: Merlot moisturizer SPF 15 Clinique All...
  7. astronaut

    My first Etsy purchase!

    I purchased my first item on Etsy, the necklace, and it's sooooooo beautiful! It's a custom order and I love it! I wanted to wear something that sort of goes with the necklace Products used: Skin: Merlot moisturizer SPF 15 Clinique All About Eyes Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 25...
  8. astronaut

    Urban Decay lipstick packaging?

    I just bought my first UD lipstick in Naked and the cap does not stay on very well. To get an idea, if I hold on to the dagger while the lipstick is upside down and wiggle the dagger, the cap will fall off. For those of you who also have the lipsticks, does this happen to you? I want to know if...
  9. astronaut

    Swordfish Hotkiss Night

    Look inspired by the sexy swordfish ladies in Empire of the Sun's Standing on a Shore video Products Used: MUFE Mat Velvet #40 Bobbi Brown corrector #Light Peach TKB Trading Silica Powder Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Pigment #Frost (inner corners) Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow #Peace...
  10. astronaut

    Slimshine "broken"

    I can twist the lipstick up but it won't go down. What I do is just push it down, but I bet it looks really smashed in the bottom. Not happy Has this happened to anyone? I have tons of lipsticks and it's never happened to any of them but this has happened to two out of the four slimshines I own...
  11. astronaut

    UPS lost my package...

    Sorry I'm really upset and need to vent! I placed an order with Forever 21 and it was supposed to arrive on 7/13. I've been checking the tracking status of my package periodically and I found out that it was "DELIVERED" at the "porch" just 30 minutes ago. I look in front of my home, no package...
  12. astronaut

    MAX Factor being phased out!

    I forgot to say in the US. The Associated Press: P&G phasing out Max Factor in US Noooozzzzzz I love MAX Factor mascaras!!! The Volume Couture is my favorite! :'(
  13. astronaut

    Stila Cosmetics Firm Acquired

    To possibly shed some light to the "Stila folds" thread: Stila Cosmetics Firm Acquired - Beauty Industry News - Stila Cosmetics Still Alive? Quote: Struggling indie brand Stila Cosmetics has found a last-minute savior: venture capital firm Patriarch Partners LLC. The deal...
  14. astronaut

    [Iris] And I'd give up forever to touch you 'cause I know that you feel me somehow

    I like this look. Purple's my favorite colour next to black. This was also my first time using half lashes and I prefer them over full lashes I was inspired by this: Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD #120 Eyes: Make Up For Ever #92 eyeshadow MAC Parfait Amour eyeshadow Urban Decay...
  15. astronaut


    Just something I threw together as an afterthought. I don't really know what to say about it eyes: Ben Nye Iced Ben Nye Cosmic Blue MAC vapour NARS Night Breed Stila Smudgepot in Black MAX Factor 2000 calorie eXtreme lash plumper mascara cheeks: NARS Angelika lips: MAC instant gold
  16. astronaut

    Fake SE brushes?

    NEW 4 PIECE GOLD BRUSH SET-L EDITION 187 168 190 194 - eBay (item 250365456528 end time Feb-28-09 20:22:13 PST) Well, at least the seller doesn't mention the words 'MAC', but if you look at the zipper of the case in the second picture, there are the words MAC...
  17. astronaut

    Just a green look

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Vex MAC Nylon MAC Juxt MAC Swimming MAC Humid Stila Smudgepot Black NARS night breed MAX Factor 2000 calorie eXtreme lash plumper mascara (love) NARS Angelika MAC Lightscapade MSF MAC Emote MAC Lovelorn (love) MAC pinkarat (love)
  18. astronaut

    How the heck do you wear heels? Please help!

    I love the look of heels. I just want one pair of pumps that won't kill me. I can handle heeled boots as long as I have an insert. A huge problem I have with heels are blisters. The edges scrape against my skin Heels that are tight do it, heels that are loose do it too. How do people wear them???
  19. astronaut

    Missed the Boat

    I haven't used my Ben Nye palette in so long! Cargo Oil Free Foundation (got a sample) TKB Trading Silica Powder Too Faced Shadow Insurance Urban Decay e/s Peace Ben Nye e/s Jade Ben Nye e/s Ice MAC e/s Blanc Type MAC reflects transparent teal Urban Decay Liquid Liner Oil Slick MAX Factor...
  20. astronaut

    Tresseme 24 Hour Body

    Hi, just saw a commercial for the line of products from Tresseme and I was very intrigued. Anyone try these yet? Healthy Volume Shampoo and Professional Hair Care Products