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  1. Tashona Helena

    Neo Sci Fi / Future Earth MAC Store Haul

    So I've had such a bad week, from missing the party on Sunday, and after I walked out of the MAC store I got the news that I might be getting fired just because a girl started shit with me and I defended myself. They said I was "threatening her"...yeah, whatever, but she can come over to where...
  2. Tashona Helena

    [WOC] Porn Star / Glam Look using Purples & Pinks

    Hey girlies...I noticed that the WOC Porn Star look thread was getting a lot of attention, so I decided to come up with a look for it. I decided on a smokey black, purple, and pink look, finished with voluminous, long, flirty lashes. I hope you guys like it. Note: Prior to this tutorial I...
  3. Tashona Helena

    Sephora coming to our outlet center?

    I currently work at an outlet store and recently another associate said a woman came in with her accompliance and asked her if she knew what Sephora was and claimed to be coming to our outlet center. Well, I didn't believe it at first because I never heard of Sephora outlets but then I thought...
  4. Tashona Helena

    Fake MAC Barbie?

    Hey girlies I'm not sure if this goes here, but I've been looking for the Barbie shade beauty burst, and I came across this listing: MAC Satin Eye Shadow Barbie Loves MAC in BeautyBurst The embossing looks different from other ones I found, more round (you can find comparison here), and...
  5. Tashona Helena

    Milani "Evening Sky" vs. MAC "Flashtrack"?

    Hey girlies..I've lost my MAC Flashtrack (it's a dark blue) and I don't feel like buying another one incase it shows up...but I really miss it and feel like experimenting with a dark blue again. I went on the Milani website to see if they had a shade similar...there's one called "Evening Sky"...
  6. Tashona Helena

    Hello girlies and dudes :)

    Hi! My name is Tashona, I've been lurking for a while and I've finally decided to introduce myself. I'm 18 (turning 19 in a couple of weeks!) and I'm a "model" at Hollister Co. I'm alwaysssss working and I love my job & people. I used to not wear that much makeup to work because of the look...