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  1. Risser

    My Nail Polish Haul - Feb 2010

    ESSIE Chinchilly ESSIE Van D’go (A dupe for MAC Seasonal Peach) CND Sapphire Sparkle ESSIE Lilacism ESSIE Mesmerize Color Club Who are you Wearing Color Club High Society Color Club Charity Ball Color Club Gossip Column OPI In My Back Pocket OPI Bullish on OPI OPI No Room for the Blues
  2. Risser

    Create Your Own 'Chanel Jade' Nail Polish

    We only need a Anna Sui Nail Color N #100 as above with any nail polish in mint green MAC Peppermint Patti (2 coats) + Anna Sui Color N #100 (2 coats) You can try others like Essie's Mint Candy Apple or Barry M's Spring Green for base. Anyway, create your own JADE and enjoy.
  3. Risser

    Nail Polish Laulage! (OPI, ChG & Entity)

    L-R: OPI - Megawat?! OPI - My Private Jet OPI - You Don't Know Jacques! (Suede) OPI - Bikini Envy L-R: Entity - Pearl Green ChG - Orange Marmalade ChG - Millennium ChG - Caribbean Blue Entity-Pearl Violet
  4. Risser

    DELL sucks...

    I ordered a desktop (model: Studio XPS 435) and a monitor in early July. After a week, I received my desktop with a large carton, but it was damaged in transit as below. I called the customer care to request exchange and they said we will confirm with our logistics department and the factory...
  5. Risser

    La Femme Blushes

    Light source: 5500k daylight fluorescent lamp White balance: Custom La Femme Blushes & Eyeshadows TOP(L-R): Stormy Rose/Flaming Pink/Frostee Beige BOTTOM(L-R): Rose/Pink Blush/Bisque La Femme Blushes TOP(L-R): Coral/Pink Velvet/Coral Sparkle BOTTOM(L-R): Golden Sunset/Coral Spice/Peach...
  6. Risser

    *NEW* Wonderful fake MAC items

    FAKE & Colorful brushes I guess they can do any color you want FAKE brush set with bag FAKE Fluidline with eyeliner brush Nice design, buy 1 get 1 free! FAKE Barbie FAKE Creme Eyeshadow Duo 2 in 1 creme eyeshadow with a sponge tip! FAKE Eye/Lip/Cheek Palette I would get this palette...
  7. Risser

    *FAKE* Heirlooms: 4 Face Brushes

    This is the first, full and false Holiday brush set. [F]alse Heirlooms: 4 Face Brushes [F]alse Heirlooms: 4 Face Brushes [F]-different ferrules/shapes (esp. 187) [F]-logo 'M' [F]-A golden leather bag looks like Bobbi Brown [A]uthentic (mine) I thought we should see the fake Holiday'09...
  8. Risser

    Counterfeit MAC False Eyelashes

    My firefox crashed when I opened I got these images from Taobao in China. They are made in China and not authentic at all, the seller said. FAKE MAC false eyelashes #M1 FAKE MAC false eyelashes #M2 No image FAKE MAC false eyelashes #M3 FAKE MAC false eyelashes #M4...
  9. Risser

    My hauls

    Electro Flash: Sea & Sky, Two To Glow, Pink Split Sonic Chic: Pleasantry, Danity, Warm Soul, Gentle OZOC: Black ribbon weaving bag The BA told me that Pleasantry, Merrily and Nuance are limited for Sonic Chic
  10. Risser

    MAC - Electroflash Discussion

    OH YES! NEW PRODUCTS They are part of Electroflash as Flashtronic in 2007. Fresh Green --- Polar Opposites --- Cultureclash --- Major Minor --- Fast Thrill --- Vanity's Child source: - A világ első számú magazinja fiatal nőknek
  11. Risser

    Lots of FAKE Lipglass

    FAKE Dazzleglass FAKE Tendertone FAKE Lustreglass FAKE Tinted Lipglass FAKE Barbie Lipglass Source: Tobao (China auction)
  12. Risser

    New FAKE Eyeshadow Palette

    The same as before... I still found new fake palttes on TAOBAO(China auction). I'm sure they will appear on eBay some time.
  13. Risser

    SPECKTRA FIRST LOOK: Naughty Nauticals May '08

    Amazing Blue!!! PRELIMINARY DETAILS! Specktra.Net brings you the first look at MAC Cosmetics Summer '08. 4 lipsticks 4 lipglosses 5 eye shadows 4 pigments 2 technakohl eyeliners 1 mascara 2 nail lacquers 1 quad (eye shadow x 4) If you use this image or information on your blog or...
  14. Risser

    SPECKTRA FIRST LOOK: Neo Sci-fi May '08

    PRELIMINARY DETAILS! Specktra.Net brings you the first look at MAC Cosmetics Summer '08. 5 lipsticks 4 lip glosses 4 eye shadows 3 lip liners 1 mascara (plush lash) 2 blushes 4 nail lacquers If you use this image or information on your blog or website please credit Risser @ with...
  15. Risser

    MAC's supplier and dupe

    Clavis Cosmetics is a supplier in the mass market. They produced baked cosmetics like MSFs and Mineralize Eyeshadows for MAC MAC is not the one choice for us (some rare MAC items are expensive on eBay), I saw many pretty baked products on Clavis's site, but I don't know what brand name they...
  16. Risser

    Fake MAC Foundation

    I saw many fake MAC foundations on auction site paipai in China. It's suck!!! I guess these items will be sold on eBay soon... Fake Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Fake Select SPF15 Fake Select SPF15 Fake Select SPF15 Fake Studio Fix with Barbie's icon
  17. Risser

    My hauls (Oct and Early Nov '07)

    Early November Make-Up MAC Matte2 E/S Refill in Prussian MAC Eye Shadow Refill in Atlantic Blue MAC Powder Blush in Devil & Azalea 5 MAC Metal-X Eye Shadows(Pure Ore/Goldspice/Pink Ingot/6th Sin/Plum Electric) MAC Curiousitease: 5 Plushglass MAC Keepsake MAC Loose Beauty Powder in Tenderdusk...
  18. Risser

    My hidden stash

    Here are my mirror with the hidden stash and two drawers. Full brushes, SE brushes, Foundations Eye liner pencils, msacaras, brush cleanser, cotton swabs Primers, mixing medium, make-up fixes Powders, blushes, beauty podwers, MSFs Lash curler, eyebrow razors, lip brushes, lipglasses...
  19. Risser

    Cool Purple by Royal Assets Cool Eye Palette

    I love cool shades so much! It is a look by cool eye palette of antiquitease. Eyes MAC Royal Assets Cool Eye Palette (all shades) MAC Fakelash #120 MAC Kohl Power #Feline CK Lengthening Mascara KissMe Long & Curl Mascara UDPP MAC Brush #213/#219/#224/#228/#239/#266 Lips MAC Lipglass #Fine...
  20. Risser

    Sand Gold

    This is a simple fotd, I really like to wear it when fall days. Eyes - Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact #Gold - Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact #Sandstone - MAC Eyeshadow #Cork - NYX Eye Linear Pencil #Dark Brown - CK Long Mascara - Fasio 3D+ Air Tech Mascara - KissMe Volume & Curl Mascara...