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  1. sunsational

    How to duplicate this lip color?

    apart from the photoshop. lol. thanks in advance
  2. sunsational

    Mineral foundation equivalents?

    I need help with choosing shades because we can only buy them online. Can everyone please post what shade they wear in MAC and what shade in mineral foundation and the brand? I think this can be helpful for people like me that have no clue what shade they are in mineral foundation and dont want...
  3. sunsational

    Mineral Makeup for darker skin tones

    I tried Everyday minerals foundation a few months ago and i had to mix and match and even my best match was pasty. Does anyone wear mineral foundation? What brand and shade do you use? Im NW43 in MAC.
  4. sunsational

    Stila shades

    I want to buy a stila foundation but i dont live near a sephora right now so i have to buy online. im NW43 in MAC and i was wondering what shade that would be equivalent to in stila? Im also looking into Nars foundations too so if anyone uses it and is a NW43/45 in MAC please tell me what shades...
  5. sunsational

    work EOTD

    Im not sure if ive ever posted a FOTD here but whatever. i used expensive pink, amber lights, humid e/s, black tied e/s, deep blue green pigment and green brown pigment. also BB ivy shimmer and that mascara in the pink tube with the green lid. be noice im still learning.
  6. sunsational

    Please help me with lipstick and colors

    i want to start using lipsticks. what colors will look good on me and which lipsticks dont rub off easily and are moisturising? TIA also, do i have to put lipstick on my top lips? i look weird with it on top. lol
  7. sunsational

    My first FOTD...with disclaimer. lol

    Well, i was in a rush to go to work and im totally a newnie when it comes to makeup so please dont expect too much from me. and also, ignore my eyebrows. not sure if they look right. lol here ya go EYES: mac pigment in teal on inner V mac pigment in green brown in lids. some stupid purple...
  8. sunsational

    What color eyeliner brings out color in brown/black eyes

    ive heard blue, green, purple. whats a good drugstore brand of eyeliner?
  9. sunsational

    Help me choose?

    someone wants to give me a freebie pigment but i have to choose only one. which one will look best on me. im NW43.... 1. dark soul 2. pinked mauve 3. apricot pink 4. lily white 5. deckchair 6. melon
  10. sunsational

    Nc, Nw?

    the mac colors. whats the different between NC and NW and all that stuff? sorry im a mac newbie. hehe
  11. sunsational

    Where to buy Nars?

    Where can i buy Nars makeup?
  12. sunsational

    Recs for bronzers

    well, im looking for a bronzer i can also use as a blush. or is that a no-no? im a newbie when it comes to this. to help, i use mac studio fix foundation in NW43. i liked mac's "sweet as cocoa" blush when the MA tried it on me but im also looking for a bronzer. help and suggestions?
  13. sunsational


    I'm a newbie when it comes to make up. lately, ive been buying most stuff online. If i go to a mac counter, will i have to buy something before they can help me out with shades and stuff? i need to know what shade of foundation, concealer and bronzer that goes well with my skin. and oh...
  14. sunsational

    Bronzer or blush

    whats the diffrence between bronzer or blush. which is more appropriate for my color? i want something to make my face glow or just to enhance my cheekbones whats a good, reasonably priced one
  15. sunsational


    whats the difference between blush and bronzer? what color will look best on me. i just want something that will make me glow and enhance my cheekbones what color will look best on my skin. help please
  16. sunsational

    Moisturising lip gloss

    what is the most moisturisng lip gloss. yeah they can look good on the lips and stuff but most of the ones i use dry out my lips
  17. sunsational

    Colon cleanser

    i heard that a good way to start dieting, doing healthy stuff is buy doing a colon cleanse. where can i buy a good one? thanks. note: not too expensive cos i saw one for 50 bucks on ebay
  18. sunsational

    Green tea

    what is the best brand of natural, authentic, chemical, additive free green tea? i bought one at publix called arizona. it has ginseng and honey. is it a good brand? thanks