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    Huda Beauty

    A BIG NO to the new NUDE palette just bcz of those glitters :/ But loving the shades and formula of power bullet matte lipsticks. I am looking for long lasting drama lashes, Any vote up for Huda's lashes?
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    All Things Ulta

    Expiry Date please? And is it available online and in-store, both?
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    Savvy Beauty

    Have you tried new coupon from bh Cometics? Available on: CouponerStore .com Deal: 40% OFF + FREE Gift on $30 Expiry: 22 Oct 2019
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    Savvy Beauty

    Many of us are not into high end brands, so here we can share our slashed beauty brands and their deals. Really like the lip colors of "Buxom". Deals on: CouponerStore .com Deals: 15% OFF your first order FREE Sample with Every Purchase
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    Asking 'opened-ended' questions...

    Am I the only one who is not happy with responses on beauty counter. It's not that they are rude or something but I never get satisfied with my concealers. My last visit was at Sephora and after reading amazing reviews of tarte tape shape I decided to buy that but the lady there couldn't satisfy...
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    Favorite Eye shadow Primer

    Still fan of Clinique Primer..