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  1. lasharn

    Face Primer Recommendations? All Brands Welcome!

    Too bad, but that's the way it is. Maybe it's not really suitable for all skin types, most specially if you have sensitive skin. Better to consult a dermatologist first before trying out a new product.
  2. lasharn

    VCA Jewelry

    I actually have mine in pearly white, just for a quite simple and yet sophisticated look!
  3. lasharn

    Natural cosmetics taking growth in organic industry, isn't it??

    Yes, this trend has been slowly rising over the last couple of years but has never been stronger like now. Brands are always popping up to cater groups of health-conscious consumers.
  4. lasharn

    How many foundations do you own?

    Just as you say!
  5. lasharn

    How many foundations do you own?

    I'm kinda minimalist when it comes to foundations so I only have... Foundations: 4 Tinted moisturizers: 1 Concealers: 2 Pressed Powder: 1 Loose Powder: 1
  6. lasharn

    Face Primer Recommendations? All Brands Welcome!

    This is my second best go-to primer. :D
  7. lasharn

    Eve Pearl Haul

    Lovely! 😍😍😍
  8. lasharn

    Ondekt or NATUMAX Knee Pillow? Which is better for sleep?

    NATUMAX is way better than Ondekt. My mom always have it with her!
  9. lasharn

    Hair removal discussion, any brand

    I’ve been doing IPL laser hair removal for about a year now and I think laser isn’t really for everyone. If after like 4 months or so the hair doesn’t grow less, then maybe this treatment isn’t for you.
  10. lasharn

    What is your favorite hair dye color?3

    You'll never go wrong with the classic ash brown. :)
  11. lasharn

    Do you wear jewelry?

    It could be, it depends on how much you could wear!
  12. lasharn

    Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

    I also got my liquid touch weightless foundation just recently and I noticed that this isn't have an oil-free formula, so some degree of separation is natural. Maybe you could give your bottle a good shake before opening each time.
  13. lasharn

    Are your old MAC lipsticks still safe to use?

    I still have the MAC lipstick I wore on my wedding day in 2000. It still smells amazing and I still use it occasionally 😁
  14. lasharn

    I need help replacing my face powder

    I think the safest alternative to it is the Shiseido Medicated Baby Pressed Powder, it's super mild and gentle and can be used even to sensitive skin.
  15. lasharn

    Which perfume do you pick for your signature scent?

    I'm obsessed with rose-scented perfumes and scents. I guess that's what my signature scent is!
  16. lasharn

    What is your favorite color for concealers?

    True! Cheaper options does not mean low quality products!
  17. lasharn

    How to improve my eyes?

    I think making use of a damp beauty blender will do the job.
  18. lasharn

    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Great choices you have here!