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    Bridal Checklist

    Hi Everyone, can anyone share some insights into "bridal checklists" I am looking for some ideas to create one to send to my brides. i.e - clean face on day, exfoliation the day before etc? thanks
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    mac brush belt price

    Hi everyone, I'm travelling to the US soon and trying to find the brush belt on the US website.. I can't find it anywhere! could someone please tell me the price of it? thanks.
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    mac airbrush products

    Hi Has anyone used the MAC airbrush products? do they make blushes and any links to find info tia
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    Hi All, a few ladies mentioned a discussion board for brushes, I think it is a great idea so here I am :) I just purchased a 191 any thoughts?
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    building a MAC neutrals palette for my kit

    Hi guys, I was hoping for some advice from the pros.... I have an extremely large collection of m/u both Mac and other High end brands. I have just started a makeup course and purchased a kit (all MUFE). Tonight was the first application night, I quickly realised what I...
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    Lets step it up!

    hey Ladies, I notice that the Aussie thread isn't getting nearly as much love as it deserves... I think we need to step it up :) Let's talk about all things Makeup from now on out here :) favourite counters, products, service etc etc. Ill start :)...
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    How Many MAC Items do you own

    Hey Guys!! I thought this might be fun!! Would love to see if my collection is crazy moderate or just poor LOL! Would love to see some pictures too if you have any! xx Pemily
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    chanel discontinuing Pro Lumiere worldwide?!?!?

    Hey ladies, I found out Pro Lumiere foundation was dicontinued in Aus and UK also I think... can anyone confirm if this is happening worldwide... wtf that is the BEST foundation EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    mac products to suit me

    hey guys, please look at my profile picture and if possible can you please recommend some MAC products to suit me, I have an extensive range but LOVE other ppls opinions :) everyone on Specktra seems so nice so any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)