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  1. madkitty

    Mineralize skinfinish dupe?

    Has anyone seen any good dupes out there for the Mac MSF's? I know Revlon do 2 but wondered if anyone else did?
  2. madkitty

    My Beauty Diary Masks

    Can anyone recommend anyone reputable that doesnt sell the darn fakes?thanks gals x
  3. madkitty

    Lilash help!!

    I know its a little off topic but I wonder if anyone has been using any of the lash growth serums like Lilash? I have been using it for 7 weeks and think its totally fab but the curl it is creating is driving me nuts - I just cant seem to apply mascara nicely anymore and wondered if anyone had...
  4. madkitty

    NYX liquid makeup & powder shades

    Does anyone know the closes please for NW25 skin?
  5. madkitty

    Any NYX reps around?

    Who order bits and would love a big order to ship to the UK?
  6. madkitty

    Removing eyeliner aaaahhhhh!

    I have recently found a new obsession in the L'Oreal HIP kohl eyeliners - these guys are incredible and stay on all day in fact they stay on so much that Im having real problems removing them from my waterline at the end of the day I like to soak my eyes in a pad doused in remover (yep I use a...
  7. madkitty

    Trying to find a specific look

    One that Ive seen before but for the life of me didnt save - arrrrggghhh perhaps someone might recall it. The eye colours are mainly bright lime green and white but with a sharp (and unusual) royal blue eyeliner line drawn in the crease which comes to a double end on the inside of the eye - its...
  8. madkitty

    Nude/white eyeliner

    Can anyone recommend a really good one to make your eyes pop?
  9. madkitty

    Guerlain loose kohl alternative

    I know there are the L'Oreal HIP's but I need something that I can apply eastern style with the wand......does anyone know of any other loose kohls or where I could get just a stick?
  10. madkitty

    False eyelashes - ebay?

    Merry Xmas everyone x Just curious to know if anyone has tried any good eyelashes from ebay that are worth getting as there are a lot of Hong Kong based sellers?
  11. madkitty

    Fixing broken lippies HELP!

    my fav Colifornia Dreamin has broken - is there anyway to fix it?????
  12. madkitty

    Genuine or fake piggies?

    eBay Im thinking fake and wondered if anyone could confirm this for def?
  13. madkitty

    non Mac piggies

    can anyone recommend and places I can get samples of other quality pigments other than Mac? I did have a really good site but lost it ...typical!
  14. madkitty

    serum & moisturiser routine?

    Im currently using the clinique 3 step system and love it to bits as its made such an incredible difference to my skin. Im still not 100% though why clinque say not to break the 3 step and put a serum on after moisturisung so dont know if anyone else can explain this? also is it ok to use 2...
  15. madkitty

    A clinique question

    does anyone know if the numbers stamped on the bottom of clinique products relate to the manufactured date as they do with mac? I have some toner with is A34 and smells awful and im wondering if the 4 relates to 2004? thanks
  16. madkitty

    new paints as eyeliner?

    has anyone successfully used them like fluidlines?
  17. madkitty

    Are Mac getting tougher on Ebay?

    I just had a listing refused this morning which was frustrating and must have been because I used the description on their website. What really annoys me though is that I was selling a genuine item and yet they let the hundreds of fakes continue :confused: Dear Seller, Estee Lauder Companies...
  18. madkitty

    Any nail artists around?

    that can help me with a few q's? I want to start doing pretty things with my nails but want to know if its ok to stick rhinestones etc to you natural nails as I hate falsies? if so do you just use acrylic glue and how do you remove them?
  19. madkitty

    nails or no nails?

    I really want to start wearing nail varnish as there are so many pretty colours around but not sure how to do it as I dont want it to restrict what makeup I wear :confused: Any tips for you how you do it???
  20. madkitty

    Mac @ Dadeland Mall, Miami

    does anyone know of a counter at the mall????