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    My beloved stash!

    It's not very large. Then again, its not very small. It's shrunken down to things I find useful. Enjoy! Thanks for looking! :)
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    Baby Doll (Sucker Punch) inspired eyeshadow look

    I LOVEEEEED Baby Doll's make up in Sucker Punch soooo here I am recreating it :) Hope you like! Ben Nye concealer (all over eye area as main base) La Femme e/s - Nude (set over concealer and used as highlight) NYX jumbo pencil - Milk (eyeshadow base for eyelid) MAC...
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    Best way to apply NARS Laguna?

    So, I just bought Laguna today and I'm trying to figure out the best way to apply it so I don't look over the top dramatic. I'm gonna be using it with a duo fiber brush (Sonia Kashuk) for now but was wondering if you guys recommend other brushes. Thanks!
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    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) VEGAN Brushes

    So, I was looking at today and I found that OCC has brushes now?! One of them looks like the Mac 226. I'm sort-of tempted to order it since I never had a chance to get the 226. On the upside, they are vegan brushes, too!
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    Sunscreen causing excessive sweating???

    So, I've noticed that everytime I use a moisturizer with a sunscreen in it or mix it in manually (Neutrogena sunscreen), my face starts sweating like crazy. Am I allergic to it or something? I don't break out in rashes or itch or anything, but it's just a random observation. Has anyone...
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    Empty palletes for 36mm/La femme eyeshadow/blush

    So, I'm trying to find a palette for my La Femme shadows (large pots) and blushes. Anyone know who makes palettes that fit them? TIA.
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    American going to CANADIAN college/university??

    So, I'm currently a senior in high school. I'm not the best student, however, I'm trying to get as many A's as I can this year since it is my last year of high school. Overall, my GPA is roughly a 2.5, take some or leave some. Now, I don't exactly fit the requirements to go to a University...
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    Cheetah/Leopard nails WITHOUT Konad!

    Hi everyone! Here's a picture tutorial doing cheetah/leopard nails. All you need is: Paper Light gold Bronze Black Tooth picks I'm using NYX girls nail polish in bronze goddess and dance floor (I bought this thinking it's black.. it's a VERY VERY dark brown.) The light gold base is Pure Ice...
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    Hi Ken, my name is Barbie [PIC HEAVY!]

    Hello hello everyone I just got my 88 matte palette so I decided to use it! I use the following colors circled in the red. Eyes: 88 Matte Palette La Femme e/s - Nude NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk La Femme Sealer Wet n Wild cream liner - Black Super Lash by Apple Mascara - Avocado Brows...
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    What happened to

    Am I the only person who can't load her website? Did she get a new url? Don't tell me she closed... if so I'm going to be sad.
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    Summer Make up

    Since summer is approaching soon, how is everyone going about their make up? Are you guys still going to wear full face make up or TMs? New routine? I'm trying to consider if I should use a TM or buy a concealer and wear translucent powder since it gets 100 F+ in the summer where I live.
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    Post your Tumblr!

    Tumblr is FUNNNN to use. Really artsy, too. Post your tumblr accounts here! Mine is Looks Kill – Page 15
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    From Brunette to Red bombshell! + New glasses :)

    I dyed my hair from brown to red 3 weeks ago. Now I'm finally able to show you all! I also did a pin up look. I think it goes very well with my hair now. I also got new eye glasses. What do you guys think? My hair after dying it 3 weeks ago: Current hair shade in FOTD Face: Urban...
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    Grrrrr!! *rant!*

    I'm so mad right now that it's not even funny. So, Thursday I went in a salon to get my hair permanently straightened. I've had this process done before at another salon with another hairstylist who unfortunately moved. Also, she charged about $200ish, which is a bit much right now to pay for...
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    Becoming a movie extra?

    So, I was looking at the penny saver and I ran into an ad about being a movie extra (pays $150-300/day). This intruiges me completely. It says you adn be any age/shape/etc. Has anyone here ever been a movie extra? What's it like? Are there any requirements? How do you know where to go? etc...
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    I celebrate with my working camera - dramatic eyes!

    Poopy camera with poopy quality >;O Enjoy Face: Hard Candy Primer Hard Candy Concealer - Fair Revlon Colorstay - Buff Urban Decay MMU - Supernova NYC Bronzer - Sunny Eyes: HIP Cream e/s - Steely Urban Decay Deluxe e/s - Zero Hard Candy e/s duo - Break Up (foiled with fix+) Urban Decay 24/7...
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    Post a picture of your hair AFTER blow drying!

    I'll start first I burst out laughing every time I look at this picture! Post yours!
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    I need all the help I can get

    So, I used to have really clear skin - to the point where I didn't break out (only the monthly one that happens). Then I tried proactiv and my skin is completely killed... I went from this: To this: It started with cystic acne between my brows, nose and scattered around my face - to...
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    Has anyone used Organix shampoo/conditioner before? I want to try it since I think my Herbal Essence is breaking me out.. I have extremely frizzy, relaxed hair. Any recs to a good Organix shampoo/conditioner? TIA
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    Hard Candy

    Hello lovely Specktralites! Post your Hard Candy (@ Walmart) swatches here! Sheer Envy (face) Primer: Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette - Fair Palette: So Baked Bronzer - 132 Heat Wave: Blush Crush Baked Blush - 128 Bombshell: