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    mac technique workshop 21st March UK

    Hiya everyone, I got an email this morning offering me a place in a Workshop in Kensingon. I've not really really heard much about them or what they involve? is it eye make up or just face? It says it costs £50 which you can buy products with at the end. I'm not sure about going as I'm not...
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    complicated family - need input

    I no longer feel the need to have this story published on a website - after hearing from many people on here and outside of this site it has become clear to me that some people are very quick to see things as they want to see them and not through my eyes. I mean no disrespect to anyone who has...
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    Crown brush sets - Uk?????

    Hey there, I have recently found a company that sells make up brushes and various other make up at a reasonable price. I'm in the uk and have been interest in the coastal scents palettes/brushes but have been put off by the shipping. The crown brush sets look similar to the coastal scents...
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    Halloween 2008 make up - morticia

    This year i gave Morticia a go! Everyone loved the make up on the night - let me know what you think..... Attachment 7093 Attachment 7094 so i'll have a go at remembering what i used.... Urban decay Primer potion MAC Crystal eyeshadow Urban decay zero eyeshadow MAC Pandemonium eyeshadow MAC...
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    Coastal Scents available in the UK?

    This is my 1st post so sorry if i have posted in the wrong place! I live in the UK and really like the look of both the 88 palettes and the blush palette. The shipping is so expensive to the UK and i am worried about the getting damaged on the way. Is there an easier way to get them here in...