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    MAC X Taraji P. Henson Collection (Sep 6/ Sep 8, 2016)

    this shade is gorgeous on her
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    I didn't see a thread addressing this but MUA is available at CVS online. I'm not sure when and if it'll be in stores anytime soon. In addition, the sale is BOGO half stock up on the liquid lipstick. I've read that they're a great dupe for the limecrime matte liquid lipsticks. Tis all!
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    Naked 4.....

    Found this picture on IG. I can't understand the language but was intrigued by the photo. Is this real?
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    L'Oreal Privee Collection

    They're finally here in the states. The nail polishes made their earlier this month but I wanted the lippies. I stopped at my local Rite Aid and there they were in all their glory. Sigh! I bought two and plan on going back for Freida's Nude.
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    Maybelline "The Buffs"

    For the nude lippie loving ladies here is Maybelline's In The Buff 2014 Lipstick Collection. I'm a sucker for a good nude lippie but I don't want to have to shell out a load of cash to obtain it. I was lucky find these beauties at my local Rite Aid. The display was almost empty but I was...
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    Faked Naked One Palettes

    I've seen it all. I almost bought some as gifts until i zoomed it and saw that the logo was missing. Beware ladies...
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    L'Oreal Privee Lipstick

    I need these gorgeous lippies and nail polishes in my life. Have any of you ladies spotted them in the US? So far, I think they've been launched in Canada.