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    MAC Eye Shadow x 15 Palettes

    MAC has released new eye shadow palettes. Thanks to AutumnMoon for the information! Quote: I just saw a new palette at my local MAC. It is a warm neutral 15 pan palette to compete with the naked palettes. It costs $100 and includes new and old shades.
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    2014 MAC Collections Calendar

    I already see information for 2014 MAC collections. Time to start the calendar for 2014! NOTE: I have updated collections to include online (MAC Online), North America store/counter (N.AM), and international (INT) release date information when available. Sometimes the month of the online...
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    2013 MAC Collections Calendar

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting a little confused trying to keep track of all the upcoming MAC collections. I've created a list to summarize all of the collections with their release dates. Clicking the collection titles will take you to the appropriate discussion thread within...
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    WOC: The Hair Thread

    Let's discuss hair care techniques, hair styles, hair color and anything else relating to that beautiful crown of glory on your head.