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    What do you do to de-stress?

    I've recently started experiencing stress due to my job, so it is good that I've found this thread. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I used to take pills from the partner healthcare pharmacy, but they can't be used for a long period of time. Now I take a warm bath and go to bed earlier than...
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    Do you love the sea?

    I love the sea! When the pandemic began, I had to cancel all my travel plans. But when the restrictions were weakened, I went to Goa. It was an amazing trip!
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    Cutting energy bills in our Salon

    Any updates here? The only solution I found was to change the energy provider. I've already addressed eversource customer service and it seems to be a good choice. But I wonder what other people do to save on energy bills.
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    Sleep. Is it enough?

    6-hour sleep is my minimum. If I sleep less, I feel bad, both physically and emotionally. I usually have a headache, low mood, red eyes, etc. Also, from my own experience, I know that it is important to have a proper regime. I used to work at night and ended up suffering from insomnia. It took...
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    Favorite Shopping Apps

    I also use Amzon. But recently, I've also started using ASOS and Nykaa Fashion via this five star credit union customer service. It is always good to have more variants to choose from. And of course, it is important to use trusted sources and know that your moeny will be returned if you don't...
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    Business Name?

    What did you end up choosing? I'm looking for a good business name and it would be great to find out any inspiring ideas.
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    What do you look for at the store?

    I'm going to start a business, and it is great to find out what people look for at beauty stores. I'm currently trying to figure out what is product matching in the hope of making my business more convenient for customers. And your thoughts can help me do everything right. Thanks for sharing!
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    Beauty Products Great for College students all under $20

    I tried Acai and Avocado Dry Oil. I liked it. I found out about it via these reviews and decided to give it a try. No regrets. It works well for me. Hopefully, you will also like it.
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    Fabulous Dresses

    I really like the color and design. Looks cool!
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    A good lamp!!!!any ideas?

    What lamp did you end up buuing and where? I'm looking for one without any success.
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    help with dark circles

    I also have this problem. Massage works well, but if I stop doing it, the problem returns. How can I get rid of it? I'm currently trying a cream I found at Canada Drugs in the hope it will help, but it is too early to say anything.
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    Casino Night - Pink Smokey Eye

    I didn't expect that the black and pink combo would look so great! I'll definitely try it!
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    What are the best love proposals?

    I'd recommend checking wedding sites. I'm sure there are many great proposal stories there.
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    Too Faced Shadow Insurance has stopped working - massive creasing suddenly

    i have the same problem in the winter. So, I think that you are right, the cold causes it.
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    High waist jeans. Yay or nay?

    I didn't like high waist jeans until I tried them on once. It turned out that they are very comfortable.
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    New to the cosmetics business!

    Hi! How are you? How is your experience with Lancome? Are you still there or did you start your own business? I have a similar dilemma, so it would be great if you shared your experience.
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    Quit smoking for better skin

    Quitting smoking can be challenging, but there are strategies that can help: 1. Set a quit date and make a plan. 2. Seek support from loved ones or support groups. 3. Consider nicotine replacement therapy or medications. 4. Find healthy alternatives or distractions to combat cravings. Of...
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    Are multi-vitamins enough?

    I agree. Most people should be able to get all the nutrients they need by eating a varied and balanced diet. If you choose to take vitamin and mineral supplements, seek advice where appropriate. Please, don't self-treat because you might face health issues. It is always possible to check the...
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    Please help a new business owner :)

    Is this program still available? Did yu find it helpful? I'm a new business owner, so any advice from the experienced people is appreciated.
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    lose weight

    I haven't tried Keto, but intermittent fasting works great for me.