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  1. miSScyncyn

    I Love Being Naked

    I actually hate being naked, I shower with a bra and panties on, kidding but title goes with the UD Naked palette :] So I've been slacking with my posting, not much time to do makeup, or not much reason to at least. At least I have the exciting news of awaiting my Sephora order this week :]...
  2. miSScyncyn

    Neutral Mania

    I haven't posted here in a while. I've been doing neutrals lately mostly because I haven't been feeling creative and my parents aren't as great fans of bright colors haha =/ Here's a few looks =] (MAC unless otherwise stated) Wore this out for my bff's birthday Face: Benefit Boi-ing, No...
  3. miSScyncyn

    Arabic Inspired

    I'm back =] My camera had been under repair and school was taking up a lot of my time so I finally had time to do a look. I love the arabic look and personally think it's gorgeous even if I'm not arab. So here's a look I did and wore for about ten minutes haha I wanted to compare using MAC...
  4. miSScyncyn

    Madonna meets Kim Kardashian

    Ello ladies. So after posting my first look I got many lovely comments from you all and was motivated to post again =] I tried to use similar shadows but in different ways to show how versatile they can be. I am not saying I look like these celebrities, just saying how the looks can be similar...
  5. miSScyncyn

    Exposed! Pin Up Inspired

    Hi ladies and germs. Corny I know but this is my first time posting here and I love it here even though I mostly comment. I thought I might as well expose my face and who I am =] I did this look because I was going to watch a play for school and I thought theatre seems like a dramatic time to...