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    *~* My Stash - mostly MAC *~*

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    BARBIE restock on the MAC site! Including the doll!

  3. PigmentJunkie

    Albertville, MN CCO (Albertville Premium Outlets)

    I was at the Albertville, MN CCO yesterday, and they had: A ton of the Natural MSF's... I'd estimate 10-12 in each color. They're $17.25. The new Chromeglasses from Chrome & Creme, I was really surprised to see these here already. I believe they were $10.25. All of the e/s from the Lure...
  4. PigmentJunkie

    Jewelescent is up!
  5. PigmentJunkie

    Silvery Purple + Lashes

    Clickable thumbnails: Bare Canvas Dovefeather Digit Silver Ring Nehru Carbon #4 Lashes Coquette (brows) I wish I could take the credit for this, but it was done by the wonderful Malika at the Mall of America MAC.
  6. PigmentJunkie

    Sunpepper/Satellite Dreams/All That Glitters - 1st EOTD

    I stopped in at the MAC counter today after a very long & stressful day at work to buy a few things, and had no plans to have a MA apply anything for me. Since they were unusually slow today, on a whim I asked to have my eyes done since I intended to purchase at least 3 items anyway. I let her...