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  1. Prettypackages

    MAC Vibe Tribe Collection (May 12/19 2016)

    So I went back to Nordies and talked to my fave mua. I liked the quad with the Peach in it but I know I have that color. I like the potential of tana-whatever, just don't know what I'd do with it. I got my hot chocolate . Not sure I like it, or I am being bratty girl again? Lol What we have...
  2. Prettypackages

    MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2016

    Have we talked about this?
  3. Prettypackages

    All Things Sephora

    It might be hard to see from my swatch but bd60 is slightly warmer. B60 BD60 B70
  4. Prettypackages

    All Things Sephora

    I'm thinking of this. I've been obsessed with building a travel brush collex and I'm missing a brush like MAC 137 and the Sephora Concealer brush. At least with this I get the concealer brush... TBH, there's nothing calling my name. Not even CL lipsticks. I have to move and wrap my head...
  5. Prettypackages

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    Ok, this is the SECOND time I've been here and thought I posted!!! Hey Shars!! I'll post a recap..... Soon as I remember what I wore on my eyes. LOL I started using my Iman Foundation stick in CLay 1. LOVE this coverage. IT is pretty and very natural looking. I've also been trying ot...
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    Morphe cosmetics

    So I've seen that this brand is pretty popular on Instagram, and I was wondering if any of you have tried their eyeshadow palettes. I'm tempted, especially the taupe one they have. Any thoughts?
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    Wrinkly Hands... Neck prevention

    I noticed this a few years back, but my hands are showing their age. I remember when I was in my twenties and my mother started to notice her hands and she complained about how "old" she looked. Made my heart sink b/c I didn't find her old at all. Anyway, now that I'm 30-er uh something... I...
  8. Prettypackages

    L'oreal project runway collection

    Have you all seen these? I happened to be in Walgreens yesterday and was drooling. Looks like some pretty colors, and a possible runaway red dupe? I'll probably buy most of them this weekend and report back, but until then. Check out the links for promo images. I know we like...
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    Recs: Looking for a new skin care routine

    Hi, I am looking for a new skin care routine, and I am not afraid to spend any money. I think I have combination/oily skin, but it got dry as heck this winter. I thought my face was going to fall off, it was even peeling and I had dry patches. My main concerns now, are clearing up...
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    Hi There!!

    Hey guys, I'm new here, obviously. LOL I've always been a MAC, Chanel and Bobbi Brown fan, but this year, I've really gotten into makeup and finally decided to learn how to put on eyeshadow. I was a gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara girl. I've been browsing the forum, and other blogs for...