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  1. fleur de lis

    263 vs 266

    Newbie question here - what's the difference between the 263 and 266?
  2. fleur de lis

    Lash primer

    Are there any that you'd recommend as good, or alternatively to steer clear of? Do you find using a lash primer makes much of a difference or not?
  3. fleur de lis

    Real Techniques brushes

    Sorry if there's a thread on these already somewhere - I did a search and couldn't find one. Just saw a vid on youtube about these - apparently they're designed by Sam from Pixiwoo. Has anyone tried them? What do you think?
  4. fleur de lis

    Blushbaby or Tenderling?

    I'm looking for a nude/beige pink blusher, one that I can wear everyday and not have to worry too much about overdoing. I have pretty pale skin with pink undertones (I wear 100 in MUFE HD and am probably around NW10). I've heard a lot about Blushbaby, particularly in terms of it suiting pretty...
  5. fleur de lis

    Dior Addict vs Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

    Not sure if this is posted in the right place, apologies if not! Just wondered if there was anyone who had both of these and could compare them for me?
  6. fleur de lis

    What is it about the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers?

    That makes them so good? I apologise for the really newbie-ish question! I've seen and heard so many people tout them as the best eyelash curlers ever, but I'm not sure what exactly it is about them that makes them the best? Anyone able to explain/enlighten me? :)
  7. fleur de lis


    Hi guys, I've been lurking for far too long, thought it was about time to get stuck in! I'm from the UK, did a makeup qualification a year ago but am lacking in confidence so at the moment makeup is more of a hobby but I'm hoping to build up my confidence and skills...
  8. fleur de lis

    non MUA careers with cosmetics companies

    Hi there, I'm new here, so apologies if this is not the right place to post this! I am currently doing a makeup course in London as I have always been interested in makeup (and am a MAC addict!). I'm absolutely loving it, but so far, I get the feeling I don't really have what it takes to be a...