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  1. Katgirl625

    list of hard to find/coveted items?

    Are there any lists floating around of generally hard to find (LE, etc) or coveted items out there? I'm looking at my stash, as I'm sure we all have from time to time, and I'm contemplating purging, and don't know how to guage whether an item is a swap or sell item. Logic would tell me that...
  2. Katgirl625

    Helium pigment is really chunky and frosty

    REALLY chunky and frosty...I typically don't mind the other ones, but Helium really takes the cake! It's pretty on though, so I'll make it work!
  3. Katgirl625

    Has anyone seen pics/descriptions o f Shu summer '07?

    I heart Shu, but it doesn't get a lot of love on the boards. Anyone know what their summer collection is going to be like?
  4. Katgirl625

    Barbie collection dupes...

    Sounds like a lot of the Barbie collection is a dupe for items that are already in the regular line. Thought it might be helpful to make list for folks...offhand: Springtime Skipper e/s - looks a lot like Juxt e/s, it's only slightly darker, and juxt has just a hint more yellow base; swatched...
  5. Katgirl625

    my first FOTD, constructive criticism welcome!

    Please excuse the pics, I didn't have time to take them in the morning, so I did it when I came home at night. I swear, it looked prettier in person! I wanted to use some of the shades that haven't been given much love on the boards, so I used Rondelle, Rite of Spring, and Swan Lake. Thoughts...
  6. Katgirl625

    Different prices on the two Danse MSF's?

    I just noticed on my receipts - Glissade is ringing up at $24.00, and Lightscapade is ringing as $22.50. I made backup purchases today, at a different Nordstrom, and same thing - Glissade is 1.50 more. Not that it's a huge difference or anything, I just found it odd. Anyone else experiencing...
  7. Katgirl625

    Is it hard to get a Perverted Pearl quad?

    I've been wanting this bad, by the names of it, even though I know that Seedy Pearl is a perm color now. But that pre-made quad sounds so pretty. Is it worth my time/effort to try to find it? And should I pay big $$ for it?
  8. Katgirl625

    next Stila collection?

    anyone have any details on what the next Stila collection is going to be like???
  9. Katgirl625

    Shu Filagree shadows are sooooo gorgeous

    Who cares that the little gold filagree print doesn't go all the way through the product, the shadows are GORGEOUS. the only one I dont' like is the gold, but that's mostly because golds look like ass on my skin. Sepia is a clear winner - just gorgeous. and they're all so soft and silky...I'm...
  10. Katgirl625

    Taupe blush looks like mud on my cheeks

    Obviously, this wasn't made for someone with my skintone. I heard some MA's complaining about it, and they couldn't find anyone that it looked good on. One of them commented, "who blushes BROWN?" Anyways, SOMEone must be using is it being used, on what skintones? I know I'll never...
  11. Katgirl625

    Invite to "grand opening" party in Portland - anyone been to one of these?

    When the m/a gave me the invite, she said it was the big party with media, etc. Cocktails, hor d'eurves, etc. Are these fun to go to? I thought I read a post that said it was kind of not fun... If anyone has been to one, let me know! The invite was interesting looking - it's a regular MAC...
  12. Katgirl625

    Naked You MSF up on

    Could be another false alarm, but you never know...
  13. Katgirl625

    Portland MAC store opens today - anyone going?

    I was thinking about it. But what a random day to open...I might just wait until She Shines is out. If anyone goes, give a heads up to how the store is looking!
  14. Katgirl625

    I don't even want to know what the credit card slip said...

    At least I had almost $300 in gift certs, so my plastic isn't burned too badly... I went a little nuts from Lure/Bait/Hooked, and got more than I wanted. I got backups when I told myself I wouldn't (well, off into my "gift" drawer they go),got black tied when I said I wouldn't (but then I...
  15. Katgirl625

    Sea Myth vs Almond Icing from sweetie cake quad

    Is anyone seeing what I'm seeing? They look pretty dam close in the pot
  16. Katgirl625

    I've committed a Mac sin, I think...

    I was going through my duffel bags of BNIB stuff (yes, bags, there's two, hee hee), and I realized that I have two MSF's I've never used - Petticoat and Naked You. I think having these items and 1) not using them, and 2) forgetting that I had them in the first place, are considered a major sin...
  17. Katgirl625

    why isn't there a light purple shadestick?

    Just musing...something similar to mauvism paint would be nice...
  18. Katgirl625

    Ugly in the pot, beautiful on

    What colors/shades do you think are ugly in the pot/container, but beautiful when you put it on? My vote is for MAC Soba...I realize why I never bought this before...until my fav m/a put it on me, and I realized how wonderful this color is...
  19. Katgirl625

    How much is the entire Sweetie Cake Collection

    I just got a fat bonus at work, and a really good tax refund. How awesome would it be to walk up to the counter and say, I want it all. Every sweetie cake item. I would be in heaven. How much do you think it would cost????
  20. Katgirl625

    New to Specktra...old to MAC

    Hi everyone! My name is Kat, and I'm a fellow MAC junkie. I've been a diehard MAC fan for quite some time, but only recently discovered Specktra. I can't wait to puruse the whole site and get to know all you lovely ladies!!! I'm so impressed already!!