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  1. cindyrella

    My first FOTD ever

    Hi, My boyfriend've just bought a digital camera, and now I can finally try and make some pictures. It's not the best picture in the world, I've made about 30 of myself today, and this was the least bad one I have to get to know the camera a bit better, so I can try to show the make up a...
  2. cindyrella

    A Muse now in the Netherlands!

    Well, as the titel said, A Muse is now available in Amsterdam so I'm going tomorrow for a Shooting Star!
  3. cindyrella

    Question: How much costs a pearlizer?

    I wanted to know this because someone on MUA offers me two, but I have to make an offer. I have no idea how much they are in US shops? Someone knows?
  4. cindyrella

    What kind of jewellery do you wear?

    For me, I tend to stick to Pilgrim, a Danish jewellery company . I buy from Ebay or from (online) shops. They have really beautiful necklaces, bracelets etc. and they don't contain that certain metal that I'm allergic to (can't remember what it's called in English). They use swarovski...
  5. cindyrella

    iridescent powders, recommendations?

    I Just bought myself a iridescent pressed powder in Belightful, and it's so great that I want to get my hands on some other iridescent powders. Any recommendations? Powders that are staples or that are really something special? Are the loose powders difficult to use? O, by the way I've got blond...
  6. cindyrella

    Substitute for Coco pigment?

    I got to try Coco pigment at my sister's, and I LOVE it. At the moment I'm looking for a natural look, but I also love shimmer/ frost. This was perfect, but sadly it's been discontinued, so which e/s or pigments looks a bit like Coco? I got my eyes on Botanical or Satin Taupe, but I haven't...
  7. cindyrella

    Blush and cover up advice needed

    Ok, as a newbie Here are my first questions (I'm so excited): I've got rather pale skin (for reference: my only MAC foundation is Hyper Real NC100, I also wear Dior's Light the lightest version). I love a natural flawless look, I like shimmer and glow. I'm looking for a nice healthy glow...
  8. cindyrella

    Hallo from the Netherlands:)

    Hi guys , I'm a complete newbie from the Netherlands. I just signed up because I wanted to see some pictures of the skinfinishes. Atm I'm a bit obsessed about them . I've just discovered them and I love them already. The FOTD's are very inspiring. You really know how to use make up . I...