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  1. Ella_

    Masquerade stuff?

    Has anyone used it before? My well meaning grandmother has just given me a $500 gift voucher for a store that sells their stuff exclusively, she said its to 'build up my kit'. And while I really appreciate it - hell, who wouldnt! I kinda wish she had asked me first because Ive not used many...
  2. Ella_

    Colours similar to moxie?

    Hey everyone. Yesterday I tried a friends Moxie lipstick and now I need to get it. Does anyone know of any lipsticks that have a similar colour or finish? Thanks
  3. Ella_

    Flix institute? / Makeup schools in Brisbane

    Anyone heard of them? I bought some stage makeup from their store and while I was browsing on their website I noticed they do courses in makeup - fashion, bridal, SFX etc. Its run by a woman called Angela Waugh, Ive never heard of her, but I dont know anyone in the industry so thats to be...
  4. Ella_

    Yesterdays little haul

    I got myself some shirts for work and on the way out of the city I stopped in at MAC and picked up their last jar of softwash grey pigment Im rather pleased with myself, the MA was digging in a drawer looking for a different pigment for me - copperclast, and I saw the top of one lonley...
  5. Ella_

    Foundation help

    Hi everyone. Im having some issues with my foundation (MAC Select SPF in NW20). Its going on quite cakey, wich I guess could mean I need a new bottle, but Im not even 1/2 way through this one. And it looks to be too dark. When I apply it it makes me look really tanned. 2 weeks ago I bought...
  6. Ella_

    First FOTD

    Ok so this is my first post in here, its nothing special but I just found these pics and thought I would share. I did this look on the 15th for my fiancees birthday drinks. I used... UDPP - base Apricot pink pigment - over entire lid Accent red pigment - lightly on outer 1/3rd of lid...
  7. Ella_

    Closest MAC lipstick?

    I just realised that I am nearly out of my favorite red lipstick, and I found out its been discontinued Its Shiseido Staying power lipstick in SP4 - bright carmine. What do you guys think would be the closest MAC match? It is a true bright carmine colour and the MAC reds I have - lady bug...
  8. Ella_

    MYER cosmetics group interveiw

    I just got an interveiw at Myer. Its for part time cosmetics sales, not MAC but its still cosmetics and its experience so thats all that matters really. Anyway, Im just wondering if anyone knows what to expect? And what I should wear and do with my makeup and hair? Im a chubby brunette with...
  9. Ella_

    New Vegas MSF

    Does anyone know which locations still have this in stock? I would call around but Im at work right now and dont want to be caught out chasing makeup when I should be working If anyone can help me out with this I will really appreciate it. I might even bake you cookies Thanks.. Edit -...
  10. Ella_


    Is it available over here? I asked one of the girls at the Brisbane counter and they werent sure. I got some in the UK and Im nearly out. Everyone I know always uses it when theyre at my place and my other half uses it after shaving. I love it and need more
  11. Ella_

    I need your help - PRO products

    Im getting a MUCH larger than anticipated tax return - about $2000 larger actually And after much discusstion with the other half we decided that if he can spend money on a new car stereo and xbox I can spend the equivelant on MAC. So, I get to spend as much as I want really, but I want to...
  12. Ella_

    Fake pigment lot? This has to be fake doesnt it? It just too good to be true. And its from Hong Kong...
  13. Ella_

    MAC carryall?

    At the moment Im looking for something to store all my makeup in, but I cant afford a train case. I was thinking of getting the mac carryall untill I do get myself a train case. But Im not 100% sure. Do you guys think its value for money? Oh and how much is it And do any of you know where I...
  14. Ella_

    Golders Green

    Did anyone get it? I was going to buy my local Myer counter sold out of it So I cant even get a sample, which I probably should do before I fork out the $$$ for the pigment becuase of my allergies.