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  1. gummybug

    The Body Shop liquid liner (gold and bronze)

    They're budge-proof, just like Liquidlast, but come off easier when you actually want them to (use your face wash). But the reason I like them more is because they apply easier. The consistency is smoother... less goopy than Liquidlast. The brush is also much easier to work with. I can actually...
  2. gummybug

    Dogs in Texas in need of help (to be killed Jan 1)

    A friend sent me this message and I don't know what to do. I can't afford to adopt from TX because that'd be too far to travel for me. I'm about to cry. I'd take the one called Babe for sure... she reminds me of my own dog. This is so sad. Please, anyone who can... help them out. Spread the...
  3. gummybug

    My humble collection.

    Here's my MAC... still a little baby collection, as you can see. There are a couple of items I can't find (a TLC and an eye liner pencil, I think). I'm organizing my makeup cabinets right now. I don't tote my stuff around so I don't need a traincase. I have 3 cabinets, which have two drawers...
  4. gummybug

    Storing l/g in the fridge?

    I've stored spare fdt in the fridge without a problem but I'm wondering if anyone keeps extra l/g or l/s there and what the result is. I'm thinking about getting a couple of back-ups and I'm paranoid about them going bas as I don't use up lip products fast.
  5. gummybug

    Those disposable doefoot applicators at the counter...

    I was just at the counter and decided that I absolutely must have the disposaple doefoot things they give to try l/g with. So I'm wondering if MAC Pro would sell these. If so, how much $$? Thanks!