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  1. mamadiaspora

    Does anyone here speak chinese?

    I need an english translation of this: 我看你是要吃脑白金了,屁事你都要管 :help
  2. mamadiaspora

    Which MSF?

    My local counter has these MSFs: - So Ceylon - Petticoat - Soft and Gentle - Gold Deposit I have nc15/nc20 skin and rosy cheeks. I'm concerned that gold deposit and so ceylon will be too dark for me. I think I'm leaning towards Soft&Gentle.
  3. mamadiaspora

    Boyfriend said he liked my "face shadow" today.

    I looked at him like "what?" and he pointed to my eyelids. Boys are cute
  4. mamadiaspora

    Finding a MAC shade

    Hey gals, I'm really hoping you can help me out. I live 9 hours away from the closest MAC counter(i.e. too far away), but I keep hearing raves about MAC foundation and really want to try it. I'm currently using revlon colorstay in "buff" which really matches my skintone... but what would that...