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  1. pinkgirl84

    Chanel Exceptionnel mascara

    who here has tried it and do you like it?
  2. pinkgirl84

    Prestige/ Isadora cosmetics

    hello i was wondering what drugstores that are carrying the new mineral line of prestige? i keep seeing them every where online but not in stores near me i saw a 4 eyeshadow mineral quad that i love and mineral baked blushes also isadora cosmetics walgreens took this brand out is there any...
  3. pinkgirl84

    my little mini CCO haul

    went to my CCO friday and i picked up Fun fun lipstick and sea me shadestick that was the only two things that interested me
  4. pinkgirl84

    Bourjois coming to Target

    anyone heard if this is true? and if it is true will targets through out certain country's be getting the line? and when will it be comming? i heard that bourjois is coming to target after sephora took it out.
  5. pinkgirl84

    Spring Haulage

    My Spring haul More to come by the way Euristocats CP Lipstick: Saint Germain Lipstick heatherette Items: Starlet Kiss Lipglass Melrose Lipstick Covergirl Items: Limited Edition Wetslicks lip gloss in petalicious Limited edition shadow Squease in orchid purple Eyeslicks...
  6. pinkgirl84

    MY nordstroms Haul/swap

    this is what i got MAC fafi BLush in fashion frenzy MAC lipglass in viva glam special edition estee lauder shadowstick pink perle swaps: Electro sky paint pot rollickin paint pot mixing medium light flush nile eyeshadow sky blue pigment
  7. pinkgirl84

    has anyone ever ordered from before?

    hello there i just placed an order with them last week, i was wondering how the shipping is? my order says my items been shipped to my address but it says the order is still opened could someone give me some information on if you ordered from them before?
  8. pinkgirl84

    Originals/CCO/UD/Buymebeauty Haul

    this is what i got from the originals collections: Parrot eyeshadow, Uter Pervette CCO: Sweetness lipglass from barbie, florabundi a back up UD: kiddie pool, flash, fishnet Buymebeauty: lancome- pink gourmand, Sheer innocence, maybelline lipsticks
  9. pinkgirl84

    MY CCO/Specktra/Swap Haul

    I bought MAC visionaire liquid last liner at my CCO the other day Pink Neaveau lipstick from MAC at Macy's Specktra sale: Haunting-Purple color fluidliner, bait lipglass And the swap: i swapped my UD cherry shadow for a Cultured lipglass
  10. pinkgirl84

    doing acrylic nails yourself Help on nails

    hello, i am wondering how to do the acrylic base on nails how to do it yourself? i bought the nail powder and acrylic liquid i had tried this on my pinky nail for the first time but it didnt turn out right, i dipped my brush in the liquid then in the powder but when i brushed it on my nail...
  11. pinkgirl84

    Train case question

    i was looking at and noticed the pink limited edition metro train case and i like it alot, but the site does not give good pictures of the inside. i was wondering does anyone own this metro case in silver, black or even pink from sephora? also please give me good recs for to get a...
  12. pinkgirl84

    ordering MAC makeup i need eyeshadow and lipsticks and gloss

    i already have eyeshadows in pink freeze, slip pink, pink venus also stars n rocketts and i would like to get more eyeshadows to add to my newly mac collection but i dont know which ones to get also what lipglosses should i get? lipsticks?
  13. pinkgirl84

    this certain eyeshadow i dont know what it is

    here is the picture of the eyeshadow i saw on ebay and here is the link i was wondering what is this eyeshadow the name of it or where i can get it other than ebay
  14. pinkgirl84

    hello im new

    hello, im new to this site so far i been looking around and this is pretty cool. anyways i am in love with all sorts of makeup i have about 3 big big containers full of makeup i buy from: Maybelline covergirl loreal revlon max factor nyc/wet and wild/jane NYX Mac Clinque lancome estee lauder...
  15. pinkgirl84

    NYX Cosmetics

    where can you get NYX cosmetics at? websites or in stores?