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  1. fashionette

    Celebrity MAC Favorites

    I love to read about stuff like this, and I know that a lot of celebs love MAC makeup so I decided to make a thread about it. Here's a very recent interview with Chloë Sevigny about makeup, health and beauty:
  2. fashionette

    This weeks mini haul

    I went to the counter to check out NN and I was soo disappointed. I was going to get a bunch of stuff but everything looked so boring. Good thing though, if I like something LE a lot I will miss it when I run out, haha. So here's what I picked up this week: - Peaches blush (loving this!) -...
  3. fashionette


    So I was browsing through the MAC site and I spotted something weird. I don't really pay attention to the LE collections since I rarely want anything from them (or they are already sold out at my counters). Anyway, I noticed that Nice Vice paint pot & Alpha Girl beauty powder didn't have the...
  4. fashionette

    Hauling in Italy, part 2

    Sooo, I went back to Italy last week and visited Firenze & Milano. Of course I had to do some shopping, they had a pro store in Milano! This is what I got: - Saint Germain l/s - Pro 4 pan palette - Carbon e/s pan - Satellite dreams e/s pot - Brit Wit blushcreme - Style powder blush -...
  5. fashionette

    Which colors can I pull off?

    I'm finding my eye makeup to be so boring. I've never been a big fan of really bright eye-colors on myself so my makeup bag is pretty neutral (although I love a bold lip). And since all of you are really good at helping other people with this stuff, and because you guys inspire me so much I...
  6. fashionette

    Hauling in Italy

    Since we don't have Sephora here in Sweden, I bought a couple of things at Sephora in Rome. I'm actually going back to Italy (Milano) next week, thinking about checking out their Sephora Store(s) as well. Anyway, Here's what I got (the first three items I bought in a best of Benefit-box for 34...
  7. fashionette

    Looking for a lippie similar to this:

    I love this color, want something really similar (identic is also good, haha). Thanks in advance!
  8. fashionette

    My tired tuesday face

    All neutrals I hate that the camera flash washes out all the color, from this picture you cant even tell I'm wearing e/s, but everything is super pretty IRL. Here's what I used: Base: L'Oreal mineral powder foundation in Golden Ivory & Make Up Store compact powder in Translucent. Eyes...
  9. fashionette

    Haulelujah! (With pics)

    So, I went out and got myself some spankin new neutral shadows, my first MSF and a lipglass. Thanks for your help ladies, I'm so gonna get more of the shadows you recommended, they were all lovely! MSF in Gold Spill, e/s in Retrospeck, Espresso, Shroom, lipglass in Nymphette. from left to...
  10. fashionette

    E/s help!

    I'm getting more and more into eyeshadows, I'm still more of a blush/lipgloss/lipstick girl because I prefer neutral eyes. Anyway, I just used up my favorite brown eyeshadow palette (from a brand I can't even get here in Sweden) and since I only own 1 mac shadow (sushi flower) I was thinking...
  11. fashionette

    last nights party

    Snapped these pics just before I left the house, and I look kinda crooked (so focus on the makeup instead of my weird smiles), haha! Anyway, this is what I used (products are MAC unless stated otherwise): Skin: Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Milk & Moisturizing Day Cream Foundation & Powder: Laura...
  12. fashionette

    Small MAC & LUSH haul (with pics)

    Spent some money at MAC & LUSH today. Trying to grow my MAC collection, hehe. Got: Freckletone lipstick Florabundance lipglass Sunbasque powder blush & Angels on bare skin from Lush.
  13. fashionette

    Blush & lipstick/lipglass.

    Hi! I need some recommendations for blushes & lipsticks/lipglasses. My skintone is warm and pale (NC15) so I'd like a nice warm peachy blush that would look natural on me (right now I'm using ladyblush blushcreme and NARS orgasm). I'm also looking for the perfect lipstick/lipglass that doesnt...
  14. fashionette

    Hello from Sweden

    Another MACoholic just joined. Hi!