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  1. Beryl

    Recent hospital stay left me looking like zombi any tips?

    Cardiac patient but the ashen pallor has gone way, way worse. Hair just did a diy haircut for easy because artritis allover. The skincare needs something because on fluid restriction 6 cups only complete day 1.5 ltr including beverages water yoghurt watery foods. Is there a way...
  2. Beryl

    How many foundations do you own?

    None 0 never use it.
  3. Beryl

    Are your old MAC lipsticks still safe to use?

    Variety of brands nothing older than DD so less than 22 yrs tried sorting out all the oldies in a box. I noticed some bought just few years ago also are expired think from all the heatwaves. Think to only buy mini sizes.
  4. Beryl

    Random WOC Makeup Thoughts

    Does it even exist WOC concealer for pallor under eyes due to health issues...........
  5. Beryl

    What's For Dinner?

    Beef stew with carrots and baked potato. Baked apple with cinnamon & brown sugar.
  6. Beryl

    Resolution Low-Buy 2021

    Skincare from Stylevana: korean sheet masks pomegranate, green tea and lemon. Handcreams: violets, freesia and raspberry. Wedding dress white cream. Micellar water. Rose water face foam wash. Brown/grey brow pencil w/brush ( black is too harsh at 61 with silver hair) Dry rose blusher rd 02 The...
  7. Beryl

    What's For Dinner?

    Pasta with zucchini, plum tomato, golden onion, scallions, black olives. Formaggio sauce.
  8. Beryl

    Which Dior perfume is the best?

    Dolce Vita from the 1990s and Dior Addict EdP from early 2000s
  9. Beryl

    Resolution Low-Buy 2021

    Purchase 0 euro no-buy makeup. I have one makeup bag to declutter but no motivation.
  10. Beryl

    Which Brand of makeup brushes do you use?

    I have The Saem from Korea the blush and e/s brush. Essence cheap e/s brushes . I do not use makeup daily and these work fine for me. Yesterday finally order a separate highlighter brush, had been using the blush brush. Wash them with a little soapy water, often. Pat dry excess water in brush on...
  11. Beryl

    What has life brought you?

    Life is like a school and recently on Youtube found Hans Wilhelm who does videos on this, some of the things he says I also think but not everything. One is always learning knew things and events happen for a reason. Learning comes not only from big life events but it is also in the small...
  12. Beryl

    What's a great cheekbone Highlight for WOC?

    Kikocosmetics sicilian notes I have both highlighters 02 copper lava and 01 gold pantelleria both are fabulous on skin and the compact also is so pretty Picture is the gold 01 center is peach.
  13. Beryl

    Which perfume do you pick for your signature scent?

    Not me I use many different. But my daughter 21 at college overseas she has a signature scent. She always had free reign and use of my perfumes, my makeup. So she tried some, also got perfume gifts from me for Xmas and her birthdays. When I started collecting ZARA because read somewhere they are...
  14. Beryl

    fav. perfumes?

    Noche Azul from ZARA and the deep blue glass bottle looks so pretty.
  15. Beryl

    What is your favorite type of salad?

    Green salad : salad leaf mix, cucumber, sweet dill pickles, green olives, green capers, herbal seasalt. Mayonnaise colored pink with a little ketchup for accent color. Classic potato salad from
  16. Beryl

    Junk Journals.

    Made this 2020 Xmas journal. Cover is scrapbooking paper and cardstock. Gold acrylic paint. Xmas floral washi tape.Gold sticker , thin satin ribbon and quilt fabric scrap to keep it closed.
  17. Beryl

    What's For Dinner?

    Pasta, chestnut mushrooms, basil/tomato sauce, mixed frozen vegetables, grated cheese. Salad: tomatoes, cucumber, all colors sweet bell peppers, green olives, my homemade raspberry vinegar and a little italian extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly milled pepper black & white. ( Was not many...
  18. Beryl

    Resolution LOW-BUY 2020

    Looked into my makeup bag.........nothing needed..........went online bought crafts supplies at usd 24.96 + shipping cost 6.99 to EU. (Over 22 euro =25 usd have to pay extra tax)
  19. Beryl

    Resolution LOW-BUY 2020

    Shower gels, deodorants, foot cream. Total 25 euro. Adult coloring book Christmas Cats Creative Haven was a pre-order from 2019. ZARA perfumes Noche Azul, Pink Flambe and Yellow Sun. Towels. Botanical print napkins. Salad bowl. Total euro 55.74 ASOS summer dress cotton...
  20. Beryl

    Back after 12ish years...

    Try also posting on Reddit. There are online sites where people sell make-up, read the rules carefully. With the Corona, many try selling surplus items online also unused clothes, shoes,bags etc.