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  1. medusalox

    Car buying woes!

    I just have to bitch to someone. My current car is dying. It's not horrible yet, but I'm planning on getting a newer car by this summer. I crunched some numbers, and my spending limit is right around 10k...enough to get a decent, mildly used car, for sure. So, I found something SO close to...
  2. medusalox

    Why bubble wrap is a good thing.

    I couldn't decide where to stick this I figured this will work! I bought a maroon pigment vial,and I was really excited...until it arrived today. No bubble wrap, no padded mailer. Its totally shattered and useless. Yeah. I'm pissed.
  3. medusalox


    Is anybody else addicted to 24? And, more importantly, did anyone see the new episodes tonight? OH-MY-FREAKIN-GOD! I'm going to marry Jack Bauer, nevermind that he's fictional. I loooove that show!
  4. medusalox

    My boyfriend is a keeper!

    Hehe, today my boyfriend took me to MAC for a belated Christmas present (we were both too poor at the time to celebrate) He knew I was obsessed, but he had never been there with me. It was so adorable, he looked so uncomfortable in the store, *especially* when some of the MAs started gushing...
  5. medusalox

    Nintendo DS VS. PSP

    Does anyone own either a DS or a PSP? I want one, but I can't quite decide. They're both amazing in their own right....I love the graphics on the PSP, but I think I may like the games for the DS better. I don't know, can I get some reviews? Thanks!
  6. medusalox

    Primpin' Golden Kitty

    I just recieved a primpin/golden kitty blush duo, and I love it. I'm pretty sure it's authentic, but a few things struck me as odd. Can anyone clarify? What is the batch number on yours, if you have one? Mine is AB4, and it's printed on the label in white, above the name, which reads 'golden...
  7. medusalox

    Impromptu Vacation for NYE!

    So, yesterday, my plans for New Years Eve were to curl up at my boyfriends house and watch a movie. Somehow, within the past 24 hours, my mom and I have decided to go to New Orleans to celebrate! It was totally out of the blue, and I thought we were kidding through most of yesterday, but now we...
  8. medusalox

    Chanel purse

    I am on a mad hunt for a decently priced replica of the chanel's black, quilted leather, with an offset double c logo in white. Kind of the classic design....but even the replicas that I'm finding are pricey! Does anybody have any good links that I can look at? TIA!
  9. medusalox

    I only meant to buy one pigment!

    I made a little trip out to my local CCO today, and came up with a great haul. Lovely lily pigment goldenaire pigment mangomix shadestick penny shadestick sea me shadestick naked you MSF I literally squealed when I saw the MSF! So then I went down to the nearest MAC store on a total impulse...
  10. medusalox

    New chick on the block :D

    Hey ya'll, I've been randomly posting in the livejournal mac_cosmetics community, and in macsaleswap, and I'm on MUA as I figured I'd join here So...hello!