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  1. drchick890

    RARE MSF's (Marine Life,Stereo Rose,Perfect Topping..etc)

    Looking to sell all of these ASAP.. I would prefer to send them all to one person.. plmk MAC Marine Life ( swatched a couple times overspray gone) MAC Stereo Rose (used less than 5x) MAC Lightscapade (used once still has most of the etching) MAC Perfect Topping (used a handful of times) MAC...
  2. drchick890

    PRODUCT RAVE: Maybelline Age Instant Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup

    So I'm pretty sure you guys have seen this new foundation in the drugstore (it's the one with the sponge tip) and walked past it and didn't think much of it.. I don't blame you I didn't either. I saw a video on YouTube where makeupbytiffanyD was raving about it.. It made me curious since I was...
  3. drchick890

    Hello From NYC! :)

    I have no clue what took me soooo long to join on BUT finally here I am.. I've often visited this site to get info on new collections but always found myself lost on it.. Which honestly is what I currently feel.. Is there anything that has an FAQ on how to get around? Like I'm...