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  1. SARAHheartsMAC

    Next up-Sugar Sweet

    Are any of you guys getting anything from this collection? I'm torn between this and the YSL rouge volupte lippies! Anyways I am lemming Perfect topping msf sugarshot e/s peppermint patti n/l seasonal peach n/l can't decide!!
  2. SARAHheartsMAC

    Brunette Blone Redhead

    Just curious to see what you all plan to get from this collection? I was planning to get loads but I am now only getting Marquis'd lipstick and Redhead MSF! xx
  3. SARAHheartsMAC

    Job Stress and Worries

    I have been working as an English teacher in a secondary school since September this year teaching 11-16 year olds. I thought that teaching was what I always wanted to do but now I'm doing it I don't feel that it is for me. The students behaviour is awful there is no respect, we don't have a...
  4. SARAHheartsMAC

    Metal Urge!

    Does anyone know when this collection will be released in the UK?? I'm thinking the first week in December but I'm not sure. I cannot wait I am so in LOVE with this collection! xx
  5. SARAHheartsMAC

    Ungaro/Suite Array/Gold Fever

    I really excited for this release-namely Ungaro!! Hopefully these will be released the first week in october in the UK? Squee!!
  6. SARAHheartsMAC

    Red hair, NC20, which colours??

    Hi all, I am thinking about dying my hair a dark red colour. ATM it is a darkish brown. I have hazel eyes and I am a NC20-25. My question is, if I dye my hair? what colour eyeshadows/lipsticks/blushes will go well with my complexion? Also any Mac suggestions are welcome! XX
  7. SARAHheartsMAC

    Cult of Cherry

    Is anyone else really broke after all these collections? Anyhow, I really want some stuff from CofC if I can afford it. For me this is THE best collection so far. I want: Lightly Ripe l/s Creme Cerise l/s possibly; Cherry Blossom l/g Spiced Chocolate quad. What is catching your eye...
  8. SARAHheartsMAC

    Neo sci-fi

    I am sooooo excited about this collection? When do we think it will be online? I see it is already up on the US site. So far on my list I have; Pleasureseeker l/s Naked space l/g Evening Aura e/s X-Rocks blush Refined Golden bronzer I cannot decide on the eyeshadows! I like the look of...
  9. SARAHheartsMAC


    Do we think this will be released next week? I picked a couple of these up on Ebay and LOVE them so I am really anxious to get some more! xx
  10. SARAHheartsMAC

    HELP! Job interview-make up advice needed ASAP :s

    Hi guys! I have a job interview tomorrow for an English teacher (ages 11-18) Eeek! I can't decide what make-up I should go for. I am wearing mostly black (waistcoat and trousers, black or white shirt) I was thinking either neutrals or a darker smokey eye and neutral lips. I have a variety...
  11. SARAHheartsMAC

    Gettin' into the moodring...

    Soooo I got my trio 1 today thanks to the lovely dangerous muffins here on Specktra! I am loving moodring it's such a lovely colour! I also received Barbie Nail Laquer in 'Toast of the Town' which I LOVE it's brown but it shines pinky and teal!! I've included a pic. Enjoy! I'm a newbie at...
  12. SARAHheartsMAC


    Hi guys!! I'm new at this but got my new camera yesterday so thought I'd try and post an FOTD I think that I tried to go with a Sci-Fi type of look, maybe what I think the new neo sci-fi collection should be about! Anyways I'm still not very good at taking photos but here it is...
  13. SARAHheartsMAC

    Euristocrats-Coming soon!

    I read that this collection is out this month! Does anybody have an idea of what date this might be released?? I can't wait!!!! Also will these l/s be permanent? Thanks! xx
  14. SARAHheartsMAC

    Newcastle Airport-Does it have a Mac??

    Hi, I'm travelling to spain on Friday from Newcastle airport and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it has a Mac?? I hope it does!! Wanna see if they have any cute palettes! Thanks in advance! xx
  15. SARAHheartsMAC

    Gone a little crazy!! in the last couple of weeks I have gone a little crazy with haulage! Especially from Specktra and Ebay. A lot hasn't been delivered yet but I am expecting; elaborate l/g strange hyrid l/s barely lit l/s power supply l/s firespot e/s funshine slimshine peachstock l/s pompadorable l/s...
  16. SARAHheartsMAC

    current l/s similar Orchidazzle?

    Hi, I was wondering if Mac do any current lipsticks that are similar in finish and colour to orchidazzle? Any recs would be very much appreciated, Thanks! xx
  17. SARAHheartsMAC

    MAC Slimshine Discussion

    I just thought I'd start a slimshine discussion as I read that they will be re-launched with some new shades pretty soon. I am really excited about this release as I wasn't into Mac last time round. I have got a hold of a few through Ebay and Specktra (Pink D'Lush, Kissable) and LOVE them...
  18. SARAHheartsMAC

    A Mei collection

    As A Mei is up on the US site, and it wasn't going to be originally, do you think it will be available on the UK site? I know it's a long shot but I REALLY want those lipglasses!!
  19. SARAHheartsMAC

    Which brush do you use to apply concealer?

    I know that mac has a concealer brush out (194 I think) but recently when I have been watching tutorials I have seen people use different mac brushes to apply their concealer. Which brush should I get? Or which would you recommend? Thanks!
  20. SARAHheartsMAC

    FOTD-Her Fancy

    Hi tried a look today using Her Fancy l/s. It turned out okay but you can't see much because of the crappy quality of the camera, but I thought I'd post them anyways. I swear I'm buying a new camera soon! Oh and please ignore the hair-it was not done!! I used FACE Studio Fix fluid NC20 Select...