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  1. asnbrb

    gah!! so irritated!

    Okay girls and boys-- I'm sorry for putting you through this, but I really need to VENT. See, I'm going to a wedding at the end of next month. The wedding is for my boyfriend's friend and his girlfriend (who, btw- hardly any of them can stand). It's already going to cost much more than it...
  2. asnbrb

    makeup recs for a green dress!

    Hello! I'm going to a wedding on Saturday morning and I'm completely at a loss for makeup. I usually wear black or white or something neutral, but this time I found a lovely green dress... it just puts me at a loss for makeup. Here's the dress: and the shoes (can't really see in here, but...
  3. asnbrb

    OMG! Never thought that I'd see the day!

    MAC GWP! I went to the DFS Galleria to do a little damage and came back with a little giftie bag! It has trial sizes of: Fast Response Eye Cream Strobe Undercover in Pinkified and Peachiness Cleanse Off Oil Pro Eye Makeup remover Studio Fix in NC20 (in an eyeshadow pan size) They also had...
  4. asnbrb

    Dita and the huge MAC lippie!

    **NWS** Found this on ontd... it just made me giggle... ... and then I kind of wanted a huge MAC lippie for my room. My BF was all "She's pretty" and I was "I know, but LOOK AT THE LIPSTICK! IT'S MAC!!"
  5. asnbrb

    Technakohl problems?

    I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen anything on this, but today my Graphblack Technakohl fell apart! The top of the pencil popped off (don't ask me how- one second I was using it and the next the top was rolling around merrily in my sink!) and I can't get the stupid piece of plastic back on...
  6. asnbrb

    Ebay advice?

    Hey, I have a question and I really didn't know where to put it. I bid on and won an item on ebay. On the item's description, the seller said that the only method of payment is paypal (which is completely fine with me- that's how I was going to pay). After I won, I logged in to pay for my...
  7. asnbrb

    Sandra Bernhard video on

    Okay, so I just went on and saw her talking about the plushglasses. That was completely random. I couldn't tell if it made her lips more "plush" or not, but I honestly was kind of thrown off because of her voice. I don't think I've ever heard her talk for a long time, but she sounded like...
  8. asnbrb

    the "yay for discount" haul

    so macy's employees get 30% off makeup this weekend... JUST in time for Lure. Since I gave my two weeks recently, I thought that I'd take... advantage. I got: Sea Myth e/s Mancatcher e/s Waternymph e/s (which really is identical to Tease & Teal) Nightfish f/l Sex Ray l/g Apripeach pearlizer...
  9. asnbrb

    recs for non-rub off foundation/powder?

    Okay, so my boyfriend recently got a motorcycle, which means I have a helmet for when he packs me. Anyway, a motorcycle helmet sits right up against the hollows of the cheeks- right where I have some old acne scars that I cover up with foundation/concealer/powder- and rubs against it when I put...
  10. asnbrb

    oops, she did it again!

    damn, woman. it's called BIRTH CONTROL. use it!!! turns out she's pregnant AGAIN. the first kid's not even a year old yet! damn!
  11. asnbrb

    Sundressing invite

    Did anyone else get this? It looks... well, it looks like a coaster-- I guess since it's sponsored by Stoli according to the bottom. I would scan it, but my scanner's on the fritz. It says that there's an event on May 2nd here at Ala Moana.
  12. asnbrb

    is this true?

    i was surfing around livejournal and came across this on mac_cosmetics. is this true? i'll cry if it is!!