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  1. Christina Victoria

    ** Going to go get my hair done, suggestions? **

    Hi, I'm getting my hair done next week.. I'd love to have my hair look like these pictures :: Is there anything in particular I should ask for, along with bringing in the picture? I'm not a hair expert at all. Also, what would you recommend to get that type of teased/toussled look, at...
  2. Christina Victoria

    ** Party Planning Help, ladies! <3 **

    Hey everyone! I'm having a birthday party in Early/Mid May. I'd love to hear everyone's ideas on what to do. So far it's going to be a Black & White Affair. I'm renting out the ballroom at the Hawthorne Hotel (A big, fancy hotel in my town). We're getting a DJ & Catering.. For giftbags...
  3. Christina Victoria


    I just found a picture on a girl's myspace (goes to my school), making fun of me because they think I wear too much makeup? It sort of hurts to hear that, since I really don't think I wear excessive amounts, but girls here aren't mature at all, so most don't wear any makeup. Apparently they...
  4. Christina Victoria

    Pam Anderson Viva Glam - Tutorial

    Hi, I had actually e-mailed an artist asking for recommendations on a picture, but instead she gave me the breakdown for Pamela Anderson's Viva Glam photoshoot. Maybe this will help any of you going for a similar look! This is what she wrote :: Begin by prepping with STROBE CREAM for...
  5. Christina Victoria

    -Best- Translucent Powder?

    I'm looking for a lightweight, colorless/translucent powder to gently set my liquid foundation, and add a touch of a luminous glow. I'm not looking for anything amazingly expensive, but something that won't look caked on or anything - Just something to set the foundation. Any brands are...
  6. Christina Victoria

    Need recs for make-up, Pictures included. <3

    Hi again. I found some pictures of what look I would like to emulate. The trouble I'm having the hardest time with is the cheeks and highlighter (bronzed beauty with a dash of pink), but eye-makeup recommendations would be fine too. Any product/make-up/application advice is apprieciated...
  7. Christina Victoria

    Abercrombie & Fitch :: 8

    I love this Fragrance by Abercrombie & Fitch. It has a great clean, feminine scent to it. It was only 25 dollars for a good-sized bottle.
  8. Christina Victoria

    Pin-up Perfect Lashes?

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on a Mascara that would make my eyelashes look the MOST fake, big, dramatic, full, etc; that has the least amount of clumping. Think Playboy Centerfold lashes. I would use fake lashes if I could, but unfortunatley I have very sensitive eyes, and I have...
  9. Christina Victoria


    Not sure if this should be in Recs or not, but I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for diets/dieting? From Prom this year I would love to be about 110-115 lbs (I'm around 126 lbs at the moment), and would like to have a defined waist/tiny thighs. I'd also like to have a high/firm...
  10. Christina Victoria

    Recreating a look <3

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if someone could recommend any tips/products to use to achieve these two looks? I was also interested in the hair in the second picture, if anyone could assist with that. Thanks a bunch!
  11. Christina Victoria

    Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compacts?

    I was looking at Bobbi Brown's; Bronze and Beige Shimmer Brick Compacts (, and was wondering if anyone has tried them/bought them? I think they look cute. I was also looking at the Face Blender brush, and bronzer, and was wondering if they...
  12. Christina Victoria

    Ballet Flats, Clogs?

    I'm currently looking for a new, cute pair of either Ballet Flats or Clogs. Post your favorites, and a link if applicable. Thanks, loves. <3 Christina
  13. Christina Victoria

    Hi everyone. <3

    Hi everyone, I just joined yesterday. To start, my name is Christina. I am from Salem, MA. I am currently working to become a model, but I also take much interest in Makeup Artistry and Design. I started my MAC collection about a year ago, and have accumulated a full collection...